How Often Can You Clean Your Face?

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How Often Can You Clean Your Face?
How Often Can You Clean Your Face?

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You can clean your face both in the salon and at home. But you need to approach this procedure wisely, so as not to harm your skin, not to aggravate its condition, instead of healing.

How often can you clean your face?
How often can you clean your face?


Step 1

Home skin cleansing. It is very different from the salon. Cleanse your face yourself and regularly with scrubs, homemade peels. Wipe your face with fruit pieces (fruit exfoliation), which are also gentle fruit acid-based skin cleansers.

Step 2

From time to time, steam your face over the steam from a herbal or soda bath. Then, mechanically, using a napkin and a cotton swab, carefully remove excess, fat spots that have come out of the enlarged pores.

Step 3

Sour fruit juices, fresh berries (cranberries, lingonberries, strawberries), kefir, serum, use them as a natural skin cleaner, rubbing them over your face 2 times a week. Apply homemade cleansing masks and peels on oily skin up to 2-3 times a week, on dry skin once every one to two weeks.

Step 4

After cleansing the skin at home using the steaming method, experts advise using formulations to narrow the pores. To do this, freeze a mixture of a glass of water and a tablespoon of lemon juice in ice. Quickly wipe your face with an ice cube after the cleansing procedure. Instead of a mixture of lemon juice and water, you can freeze an industrial toner that suits your skin type.

Step 5

Salon procedures. Cosmetologists advise to do facial cleansing in the salon for women with oily skin once every 2-3 months. For women with dry skin, once every six months. For mixed skin types, experts advise cleansing once every six weeks. Salon cleansing treatments cleanse pores more deeply than home treatments.

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