How To Restore Collagen In The Skin

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How To Restore Collagen In The Skin
How To Restore Collagen In The Skin

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Collagen is a structural component of tissue that affects the density and elasticity of the skin. With age, it breaks down, causing the skin to become flabby and saggy. Fortunately, collagen can be restored.

How to restore collagen in the skin
How to restore collagen in the skin


Step 1

Collagen injections will help restore skin elasticity. Mesotherapy is considered the most popular collagen recovery method offered by beauty salons. The injected substance "dissolves" in native cells in 9 months, stimulating the production of a structural component of the tissue. But before deciding on such a procedure, you should make an allergy test. And besides, mesotherapy is contraindicated for skin diseases.

Step 2

Iontophoresis will restore elasticity to the skin. This procedure is performed as follows: collagen is applied to the face, and on top it is covered with cling film and electrodes are installed. Under the influence of the current, the active component of the applied substance penetrates under the skin, accumulates there and smoothes wrinkles, and also eliminates puffiness under the eyes. Iontophoresis is contraindicated for skin diseases, sinusitis, thyroid diseases and during childbearing.

Step 3

Ridolysis will speed up the collagen production process. The essence of this procedure is as follows: needle electrodes are connected to the skin through which current flows. During this procedure, damage to the connective tissues occurs, in response to which the body increases the production of collagen fibers. With poor blood clotting and diabetes mellitus, ridolysis is contraindicated.

Step 4

To restore collagen in the skin, thermage can be prescribed - a salon procedure, during which collagen fibers are heated to 60 ° C using an electromagnetic field. At this time, the body receives a signal about the destruction of bonds within the molecules of connective tissues, so in response it begins to intensively produce new fibers. Although such a procedure is highly effective, it will have to be abandoned in case of diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus, as well as during pregnancy.

Step 5

Collagen masks can also be used. They have a whole spectrum of magical properties: they enhance blood microcirculation, accelerate the elimination of toxins from the body, activate metabolic processes, fight wrinkles, etc. As a rule, the main component of such masks (collagen) is extracted from animal skin or natural silk produced by silkworms. In addition, fruit acids, natural oils, herbal extracts and other components that accelerate the production of collagen may be present in the composition of these cosmetic mixtures. These masks are prescribed every six months, while the course consists of 17-20 procedures, which are done twice or three times a week.

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