How To Keep Your Tan From Peeling Off

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How To Keep Your Tan From Peeling Off
How To Keep Your Tan From Peeling Off

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After a vacation at the seaside, I really want to preserve the chocolate skin tone and the special charm of tanning. However, over time, the tan begins to peel off, and the skin loses its noble golden hue. To keep your tan for a long time, there are some simple tips to follow.


Even a couple of months after a vacation at the seaside, the skin can remain beautiful and tanned, you should only properly and reasonably take care of your body and face.

You will have to start taking care of preserving your tan for a long time at a very early stage, right during the preparation for the rest.

Preparing for tanning sessions

Before going to the sea, you should do a thorough exfoliation to help cleanse the skin of old dead cells and prepare it in the best way for tanning. Drink a glass of carrot juice every morning, this will help you quickly acquire an even bronze tint of tanning and protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

While tanning

Before starting your tanning sessions, you should use sunscreen that is appropriate for your skin type. It is better to start with dense textures, for example, with a cream, and then you can gradually switch to lotions and tanning oils. Sunbathing is safest in the shade, not in the open sun.

After sunbathing, you need to moisturize your skin well.

To moisturize the skin after sunburn, special products with a cooling effect are perfect.

In addition to moisturizing and nourishing, after-sun products will provide reliable sun protection and soothe skin after exposure to UV rays.

Continue to regularly moisturize the skin of the face and body after arriving from rest, then it will not peel off or peel off. It is also worth abandoning the use of harsh scrubs and visiting a sauna or bath, as this inevitably leads to an acceleration of the skin regeneration process.

To preserve your tan, you should stop using cosmetics with a skin whitening effect.

Diet to keep your tan

To maintain a golden skin tone, it is also necessary to supply the body with nutrients and vitamins from the inside. Particular attention should be paid to foods rich in amino acids and vitamins A, C and E. Fatty fish, beef or pork liver, bananas, apricots, eggs, peanuts, black tea, sesame seeds and millet should be included in the diet. The juices richest in vitamin C are orange, grapefruit, pomegranate and pineapple.

An important role in maintaining tanning is played by the water balance in the body; to maintain it, it is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, it can be mineral water or freshly squeezed juices.

To stay tanned all year round, you can visit the tanning salon periodically, but you shouldn't do it more than once or twice a month.

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