Face Cream: We Select For Your Skin

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Face Cream: We Select For Your Skin
Face Cream: We Select For Your Skin

Video: Face Cream: We Select For Your Skin

Video: Face Cream: We Select For Your Skin
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A properly selected face cream keeps the skin in good condition and protects it from external irritants. The beautician will help you choose the right cream, but what if you can't visit a specialist? How to determine your skin type yourself and buy a cream?

Face cream: we select for your skin
Face cream: we select for your skin

The skin is divided into several types: normal, dry, combination, oily. Based on the characteristics of each type, a cream is selected for daily care.

Normal skin

In Russia, only 10% of the happy owners of such skin. It is smooth, with invisible pores, not prone to irritation. Despite the gift of fate, it is also necessary to take care of normal skin, especially for residents of megacities.

Choosing creams:

  • With moisturizers: hyaluronic acid, algae extracts, aloe vera.
  • With antioxidants to protect youthful skin: vitamins C and E, selenium, green tea extract.

Oily skin

It quickly begins to shine, has an unhealthy shine, prone to breakouts, T-zone (forehead, chin and nose) with enlarged pores, dense texture, makeup literally drips off the face by the end of the day.

Choosing creams:

  • With moisturizing ingredients to replenish the lack of moisture.
  • With a mattifying effect to eliminate excess sebum.
  • Contains vitamins C and E to combat aging.
  • With salicylic acid against inflammation

Dry skin

Thin, with noticeable capillaries, prone to redness and peeling, sensitive to external irritants, with invisible pores, without acne and pimples. Creases and wrinkles quickly form on it, often with age spots.

Choosing creams:

  • Contains oils and nutrients to retain moisture in the skin.
  • With ceramides, hyaluronic acid, squolan, chitosan for moisturizing.
  • With antioxidants to protect the skin from premature aging.

Some people confuse dry and dehydrated skin. Dry is a persistent skin type that lacks its own fat. And dehydrated is a temporary phenomenon when skin of any type needs additional moisture in the cells. We can all feel the dehydration of our skin in winter due to dryness in rooms, lack of vitamins, changes in temperatures.

Combination skin

The most common skin type that requires careful attention and care.

Intense sebum production in the T-zone, enlarged and clogged pores, inflammation, dry skin on the rest of the face.

We choose:

  • Nourishing oil-based serums for dry areas of the face.
  • Moisturizers for the whole face.

All skin types need UV protection. This is repeated on every corner, so we should not forget about creams with SPF, the hotter the climate and the brighter the sun, the higher the indicator.

In winter and summer, the condition of the skin can change, so you do not need to use one cream all year round. Cosmetologists advise using denser creams in winter, and switch to light serums, fluids, and gels in warm and hot seasons.

We look at the label of the cream

  • The composition should not contain parabens (synthetic preservatives), silicones, perfume, fragrances.
  • The components on the label are in descending order: the main substance in the composition is the one that is located in the first or second place. This element is contained in the product in large quantities.
  • The ingredients at the end of the composition are in the cream at a minimum concentration. Consider this when buying so as not to purchase a useless product.