How To Protect Your Skin During The Cold Season

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How To Protect Your Skin During The Cold Season
How To Protect Your Skin During The Cold Season

Video: How To Protect Your Skin During The Cold Season

Video: How To Protect Your Skin During The Cold Season
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The cold season can be a real challenge for your skin. After all, the wind, temperature changes, dry and prickly air, lack of vitamins, sun and nutrients have a very negative effect on the condition of the skin. How can I help my skin? How to keep her healthy?

How to protect your skin during the cold season
How to protect your skin during the cold season

Correct habits

In many respects, the skin covers a protective function, taking on numerous negative effects from the environment. In particularly inclement weather, the skin literally demands to be taken care of. This can be done in a number of ways. To begin with, it is worth instilling in yourself some good habits, some of which will be relevant and not only during the period of rains, snow or frost.

It is worth training yourself to moisturize and nourish your skin well in the morning and before bed. However, in the autumn-winter time, it is not recommended to actively wash with hard tap water or use tonics / lotions containing alcohol. Such actions will only harm the skin, make it even more dry. It is better to choose the nourishing milk option, use Korean toners and be sure to use a suitable fat cream.

At the time of cold weather, you need to remove all hard towels. Wipe, dab your face, hands, body with a soft, fluffy cloth. It is imperative to make sure that the skin is not wet, especially before going outside. This will reduce the risk of skin chapping.

In your daily diet, you need to include more wholesome food, while completely removing alcohol. In the cold season of the year, the body as a whole is in dire need of beneficial nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. It is also worth drinking plenty of water throughout the day, so that there is not even a minimal hint of dehydration.

In autumn and winter, indoor air becomes very dry and electrified. It has a detrimental effect on the condition of not only the skin, but also nails and hair. Frequent ventilation of the premises can also have a negative effect, because a cold and aggressive air flow penetrates into the rooms from the street. It is better to buy a special humidifier for yourself that will balance the situation.

It is worth considering your wardrobe carefully. Woolen and prickly things can additionally irritate the skin, therefore it is better to refuse them. It is recommended to replace knitted and fabric gloves / mittens with any more dense options, for example, leather or suede. So there will be higher protection of hands during frost and wind. Synthetic clothing can also negatively affect the skin, therefore, in winter, as in summer, it is better to choose products made from natural and breathable fabrics, which, however, must keep warm. You should never give up a scarf when going outside. This piece of clothing can successfully protect the chin, nose, lips and cheeks from strong wind and precipitation.

We must not forget about the correct daily routine. You need to eat well, get enough sleep, and relax. An irregular day, an abundance of stress has a negative effect on well-being, the skin is very sensitive to any such influences. Depleted in the cold season, the stress and tension of the skin can suffer even more.

It is worth giving up for a while from water procedures with too hot water. And also exclude dry decorative cosmetics in the winter season.

Additional care advice

  1. Before leaving the house, it is recommended to use special creams for hands, face, body, which are designed to protect the skin in the cold season.
  2. It is necessary to abandon the use of bar soap, it dries the skin very much in any season. It is better to replace it with liquid soap of a creamy consistency or with the addition of herbal decoctions.
  3. You should never forget about hygienic lipstick. It successfully protects and nourishes the delicate and thin skin of the lips. For the autumn-winter season, you can also use medicinal hygienic lipsticks, they are suitable for prevention, better protect against cracks and herpes.
  4. Care products should contain an abundance of vitamins. You need to buy cosmetics, which contain vitamins E, D, A, K.
  5. Caring cosmetics with snail extracts and hyaluronic acid will help the skin to endure the negative effects of frost, snow, wind without any problems.
  6. It is worth doing home exfoliation regularly. With this simple procedure, it is easy to remove dry skin particles that have a detrimental effect on healthy and moisturized areas.
  7. During the day, you need to additionally moisturize the skin with thermal water.
  8. If there is a need to make a face mask, then it is better to choose those options that will nourish and tone.
  9. Simple baby creams can be used to protect the skin on your hands. They are, as a rule, natural, they contain various useful components, they do not provoke an allergic reaction.
  10. If the skin still had time to suffer, you can use simple petroleum jelly as a remedy. It should be applied to clean, dry skin half an hour before bedtime, not washed off.