How To Use Sesame Oil For Skin Care

How To Use Sesame Oil For Skin Care
How To Use Sesame Oil For Skin Care

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Sesame oil is not only a product unique in its taste and aroma, but also an excellent product for skin care.

How to use sesame oil for skin care
How to use sesame oil for skin care

Sesame oil is extracted from the seeds of the Sesamum indicum plant. The plant is native to India and East Africa, but is currently grown in many countries around the world.

With its rich flavor and high levels of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, sesame oil has become one of the most popular cooking oils. In addition, it is very beneficial for the skin: it is an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent, and is also rich in antioxidants (tocopherol, pinoresinol, sesamin, sesamolin, sesaminol, sesamol), which help fight free radicals and other negative environmental factors.

This oil also contains several essential amino acids: oleic, stearic, linoleic, palmitic.

Sesame oil has a uniquely low gummy level on the gummy scale. The scale is graduated from zero to five, where zero means that the oil does not clog pores at all.

According to research published in 1989 in the Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, refined oil has a rating of 1, and unrefined oil has a rating of 3. Thus, the oil can be classified as non-gummy and can be used regardless of skin type.

In 2005, a study showed that sesame oil reduced oxidative stress in the skin, slowing down skin aging, and recently it was found that sesame oil is a great help in combating burns. Sesame oil also protects against UV rays (although not as well as specially designed products for this).

If you are not allergic to sesame seeds, using sesame oil is completely safe. But nevertheless, it is better for owners and owners of sensitive skin to do a test before starting use: apply a small amount of oil on the inside of the elbow and seal it with a plaster on top. It will take a day to go with it: if there are no unpleasant sensations, you can safely use this product, but in case of discomfort, immediately remove the oil from the skin and refuse to use it.

Sesame oil is not essential so there is no need to dilute it before use. Before buying, you must carefully examine the product label for added components - of course, the best will be pure oil, without impurities.

It can be used to moisturize and massage, just like a regular body oil. And also to fight acne scars and acne directly: for this, you just need to apply a little oil with a cotton swab overnight on the affected areas. Using a scrub prior to this procedure will increase its effectiveness.

To combat the first wrinkles around the eyes, you can apply a little sesame oil to the area around the eyes at night. And in winter, a mask made of sour cream and sesame oil perfectly nourishes the skin: to prepare it, you just need to mix these ingredients in equal proportions until smooth and apply on the skin for 20 minutes.

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