How To Care For Your Hands

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How To Care For Your Hands
How To Care For Your Hands

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Hands are used for various activities every day, so their skin is most vulnerable to damage and dryness. Hands are a showcase of a person, so you need to take care of their appearance, doing procedures for their beauty.

How to care for your hands
How to care for your hands

Proper care of your hands allows you to maintain their youthful condition for a long time. In addition, properly selected procedures will help get rid of dry and cracked epidermis. Properly performed treatment will result in smooth and soft skin.

Popular hand treatments

Paraffin treatment is an excellent treatment with moisturizing and regenerating properties. Paraffin slows down the aging of the skin and improves blood circulation. It is worth knowing that it also improves the condition of the nails.

Exfoliation is also a good treatment method. This type of treatment exfoliates the dead epidermis, so the skin becomes smoother and younger looking and its color improves as well. Hand scrubbing before applying cosmetics allows it to be absorbed better into the skin, and therefore masks and tonics have a magical effect.

Going to a beauty salon for procedures, it is recommended to do a professional nail treatment. There are many natural manicure methods - classic, Japanese, biological, or medicinal, among others. The purpose of a manicure is to model, smooth and nourish the nail plate, as well as take care of the cuticle.

What hand soap to use

To minimize the irritation and dryness of your hands, it is best to use a neutral soap that is close to our skin's pH. Soaps with moisturizer and vegetable oils are also a good choice.

Which cream to choose

There are very few sebaceous glands on the palms, so the skin in this place quickly dehydrates. Every time I wash my hands with soap, the protective shell disappears. Hands devoid of it look dry, rough, red and chapped, the skin flakes and the nails break. The restoration of the protective layer, unfortunately, takes a very long time (even several hours), so it is very important to take proper care of them, and apply a moisturizer immediately after washing or disinfection.

Qualities a good cream should have

It should prevent the evaporation of water from the outer layers of the epidermis, be nourishing - contain vitamins that smooth, elasticize and moisturize the skin, most often: A, E, B, C and F, should contain glycerin and silicone. It is always worth having it at hand. Immediately after applying the cream, it is better not to touch anything, just wait until it is completely absorbed.

Contraindications to treatment

You should not carry out procedures for hands in a beauty salon, with mycosis or thrush. Contraindications are also purulent, inflammatory and allergic conditions, non-healing wounds, cracks in the epidermis and infections.

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