How To Deal With Dry Lips

How To Deal With Dry Lips
How To Deal With Dry Lips

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If your lips are red, chapped, or very dry, even a happy smile is painful. Sometimes the cracks start to bleed and it is very difficult to feel confident when there is no way to eat properly or laugh. How to be in this case? What will help fix the situation?

How to get rid of dry lips
How to get rid of dry lips

To prevent your lips from drying out and cracking less, use lip balm, especially when it's frosty outside. Apply the lip balm several times before leaving the room. Even if you are not going to leave the house, use the balm after eating, drinking or wiping your lips. It will protect delicate skin from any negative effects.

In sunny and hot weather, a balm also does not hurt, but in addition use a cream with sunscreen effect. Prolonged exposure to the sun dries out the thin and sensitive skin of the lips and leads to flaking, dehydration and cracking.

If you are outdoors in bright sunlight, you can cover the surface of your lips with oily lipstick. Such a cosmetic product creates a protective light-proof layer and protects lips from sun exposure.

When lips are chapped frequently, infection is likely. To prevent this from happening, use ointments with hydrocortisone or antibiotics, especially if the cracks are very deep or there are many of them.

It is worth noting that the lips flake and crack with a lack of B vitamins and iron. Therefore, drink special vitamin complexes and include in your diet more foods containing essential vitamins and minerals.

Be sure to drink plenty of water regularly because wetting your lips from the inside will reduce flakiness and dryness.

Use beeswax. It is the best remedy for cracked and dry skin.

Try not to lick dry lips again. The moisture evaporates quickly and the skin dries even faster. Also, saliva contains small amounts of enzymes that do not benefit your lips.

For persistent dryness and cracking, pay attention to the toothpaste you use daily. An allergic reaction occurs to some of the ingredients in the dentifrice. Try changing your toothpaste or skipping it for a couple of days, replacing it with baking soda or suitable toothpaste.

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