Breast Lift Without Implants

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Breast Lift Without Implants
Breast Lift Without Implants

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A breast lift without implants can be performed surgically, using fillers or sutures. The method chosen depends on the degree of breast prolapse and the patient's condition. The effect of the non-surgical method is short-lived; in the case of a successful operation, the breast will acquire the desired shape forever.

Breast lift without implants
Breast lift without implants

Non-surgical breast lift

Giving a beautiful breast shape without a surgeon's knife is real. There are two ways: threads and Macroline filler.

This method will work only when the breast is not very saggy yet and does not have curvy shapes (no more than 2 sizes). If the bust is large, the threads will not be able to hold the fabric, but will only cut through them.

Threads are platinum or gold, absorbable and non-absorbable.

The patient is given local anesthesia. With the help of a special needle, the thread is passed in circles around the breast gland, then fixed on the collarbone.

There are few complications, mostly they are associated with the non-professionalism of the surgeon, who incorrectly inserts the thread or tries to add volume to a large bust.

Complications of this procedure include:

• threading through the fabric;

· Lack of effect;

· Moving the threads to the surface of the skin where they are visible;

· The effect lasts a maximum of 2 years, usually less;

· Sagging of tissue sections between the threads;

Rejection of material, infection, allergy.

With the help of a filler, you can add volume to the breast. The composition includes hyaluronic acid. Today it is the only filler that has safety certifications. The substance is viscous and dense, due to this volume is achieved.

In addition to volume, hyaluronic acid also gives a good cosmetic effect, making the skin of the breast and décolleté more elastic and taut.

The patient is given a mild local anesthesia. The volume of the gel is determined based on the initial data of the glandular and adipose tissue of the breast. You can enter no more than 320 ml of gel at a time.

The effect lasts a year, then another 40% of the volume of the gel that was introduced initially is injected, and six months later another 15%. There are fillers based on silicone and other synthetic fillers. The effect of them is much longer, only there may be various complications and this gel will have to be removed by incisions or punctures in the breast.


Contraindications for the use of fillers and threads

Both the threads and the Microline filler are simple procedures, therefore there are few contraindications. These include:

· The period of lactation and bearing of the fetus;

Lumps in the breasts requiring treatment;

· Poor blood clotting;

· Oncology;

· Diseases of the skin of a viral or fungal nature;

· Autoimmune diseases.

What to do after a non-surgical breast lift?

For 7 days after the procedure, you need to drink painkillers. If necessary, puncture sites are treated with special means. If the swelling grows, you should see your doctor.

It is advisable not to sleep on your stomach or side for another two weeks. Limit sports, lifting heavy objects and other physical activity. For another month, you can not visit the sauna, solarium, bath, sunbathe in the sun, take a hot bath.

Mastopexy for breast lift

Mastopexy is an operation to improve the appearance of the breasts. Its essence is that the surgeon cuts off the excess skin, and pulls the rest over the glandular tissue. This will tighten the pectoral muscles, move the nipple, and shrink the areola.

The operation is performed at the initial degree of ptosis (sagging). The doctor cuts off the nipple and part of the areola, removes the excess skin, leaving the glandular tissue in place. Then he tightens the remaining skin and sews on the nipple. carried out when the breasts are sagging to a moderate degree. The skin is placed just above the nipple along the contour of the areola and down the breast. … It is used for severe ptosis. The most serious operation. Anchor breast lift means the removal of the areola and peri-areola portion of the skin.After the incision, the skin is also cut off in a fairly large amount. The doctor then stitches and sews on the nipple.


What are the contraindications for breast lift surgery?

Contraindications are as follows:

· Planning of conception;

· Hypertension and diabetes mellitus;

· Lactation period;

· Cancerous tumors;

· Benign breast tumors;

• exacerbation of chronic ailments;

· Infections in the body.

The incisions

In a surgical breast lift, incisions are made that differ in type:

§ Benelli section.

§ Vertical.

§ Anchor or T-shaped.

A very small incision along the areola, over time it becomes completely invisible. However, this method is used infrequently, as it requires a great deal of professionalism of the surgeon.

Complications with a Benelli cut are minimal, not exceeding 5 percent.

The vertical incision small breast lift is also not widely used. The scar is at the bottom of the chest, almost invisible.

The vertical incision is convenient because the breast acquires a beautiful shape, the likelihood of complications is not higher than 5 percent.

The upside-down T incision is the most commonly used cut in practice. Consists of two cuts: along and across. The complication rate is quite high - 10%.

When using an anchor incision, there is a possibility of the opposite effect - the chest can become flat!

Cost of mastopexy depending on the incision

The cost is influenced by several factors, including the choice of the clinic and the professionalism of the surgeon. Also, the cost depends on the type of section:

§ Circular mastopexy (periareolar incision) - around 100,000 rubles.

§ Vertical section - in the region of 120,000-130,000 rubles.

§ Anchor - 140,000-150,000 rubles.

Preparation for mastopexy

Prepare the body 25-30 days before the date of surgery. Refuse nicotine, alcohol, taking any medications must be agreed with your doctor.

It is necessary to go through the following doctors: a surgeon, an oncologist, a mammologist, and an anesthesiologist before the operation. A number of tests are also taken, such as: mammography or ultrasound (if the patient is less than 35 years old, then ultrasound), cardiogram of the heart, fluorography, blood and urine tests.

Rehabilitation period

After surgical lifting of the mammary glands without the use of implants, the patient will need from 1 to 3 months for rehabilitation. She spends the first days after the operation in the hospital, then she is allowed to go home. The speed of healing depends on the complexity of the operation and the characteristics of the organism.

How is the postoperative period:

1. The first 3 days from the chest tubes leave the lymph.

2. Then the tubes are removed, and the woman goes to physiotherapy, with the help of which the size of the scars is reduced.

3. 1 week the chest hurts a lot, and the patient takes painkillers.

4. Sick leave is issued for 1-2 weeks, depending on the state.

5. After 2 months, you can start playing sports and physical activity.

The first month after the operation, you should not expose yourself to heat, so you need to exclude visits to baths, solariums, saunas. There is a risk of scars stretching under the influence of heat. Moreover, 12 months after the operation, you cannot sunbathe topless.

Possible complications

Periareolar lift, as well as any other types of incisions, can lead to complications. Unpleasant consequences are as follows:

1. Bleeding. Blood can leak and accumulate in the area of ​​the tissue incision. In this case, drainage is installed, if this does not help, then the doctor removes the stitches and looks for a burst vessel in order to sew it up or put a clip.

2. Inflammation. If an infection has got into the wound or the patient's immunity is very weak, then a purulent process may begin. It is characterized by aching pains, fever, redness of the skin.

3. Decrease or complete loss of sensitivity of the breast and nipple. This complication is very common. Usually, everything will return to normal within a few months after the operation.

4. Impaired healing. It is rare, but it is worth knowing that this is also possible.In patients who smoke, are overweight, there is a possibility of skin death due to tissue healing disorders.

5. Scars and scars. Breast lift surgery is not complete without scars and scars. Scars may be more or less visible, depending on the method of incision and the body's ability to heal.

6. Formation of skin folds. If the skin was not sewn neatly, then folds may appear, which are almost impossible to get rid of.

How to save results

The result of the operation can be fully assessed only after 2-3 months.

Attention! The chest will not become elastic, but will only regain its former shape and become more "standing". However, if the operation was done incorrectly, the effect may be short-lived.


Results can be lost for a number of reasons:

· A sharp increase or decrease in weight;

· Smoking;

· Long exposure to the sun and resulting burns;

· Refusal from a bra;

· Pregnancy and lactation.

A breast lift without implants is possible both surgically and non-surgical. It all depends on the degree of omission. It should be understood that any operation is always a risk, and not operational methods will not give a long-term result. Therefore, before deciding on any type of braces, you should think carefully. If you have chosen mastopexy, then find a good surgeon, because the successful outcome of the operation and the desired result largely depends on the professionalism of the doctor.

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