How Best To Remove Warts

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How Best To Remove Warts
How Best To Remove Warts

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Warts are viral in nature. And although most of them are not dangerous to health, they look very unattractive. In addition, often after the formation of one, others appear. Therefore, it is not worth delaying treatment. You can get rid of warts today using various methods.

How best to remove warts
How best to remove warts

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See your doctor - this is the most correct way. It will help you figure out if a particular wart can be removed. It is imperative to visit a specialist if the wart bleeds, noticeably interferes, begins to change shape, has greatly increased or become painful. There are currently several methods for removing warts.

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You may be asked to remove the warts with a laser. As a result of laser exposure, a depression remains, which disappears without a trace after 2 weeks. Healing after this procedure is painless, does not require restrictions in contact with water and in sports. In order to remove warts with a laser, 2 types of exposure are used. One of them is called the coagulation of the wart with a carbon dioxide laser, and the other is the laser evaporation of the wart, the erbium laser removes it in layers of several microns.

Step 3

Electrocoagulation. Warts are removed with high frequency current. It coagulates nearby tissue, thereby closing the penetration of the wart virus into healthy tissue, ensuring that there is no bleeding and disinfecting. But, nevertheless, this method is not applicable for deep removal of warts, because leaves behind a small scar.

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Cryodestruction. Removal occurs by burning the wart with liquid nitrogen. During this process, there is no contact with blood, and this excludes further infection of healthy tissues. But this method has major drawbacks. It is impossible to control the depth of exposure: if the freezing is insufficient, it will have to be repeated again, and if it is excessive, a scar or scar may form. Also, after the procedure, there is a noticeable swelling and an epidermal bladder, which can persist after removing the wart for several days.

Step 5

If you decide to use a surgical intervention, you must remember that after it a suture is applied, leaving a noticeable scar behind. This method of removing warts is associated with blood loss and an increased risk of secondary infection.

Step 6

You can get rid of such ugly neoplasms with the help of folk methods. Celandine juice is an excellent remedy for warts. Cut off the stem of the plant to create sap. Use it to burn the entire surface of the wart. Repeat the procedure every 6 hours. It takes 2-3 days to get rid of the wart completely. If there is no fresh plant, buy ready-made celandine juice at the pharmacy.

Step 7

Strengthen the body's defenses. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Very often, warts appear due to low immunity or during an exacerbation of chronic diseases.

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