Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Epilator

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Epilator
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Epilator

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An epilator is a wonderful device that most people cannot live without. However, in addition to many supporters, he also has many opponents. Many women openly admit that they are reluctant to use this device. The reason is the pain that accompanies epilation. However, there is a model of the epilator with a cooling cap to relieve discomfort.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Epilator
Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Epilator

An epilator is a small device that is used for epilation. It is equipped with special blades that rotate at a very fast pace. Admittedly, this procedure is painful, and not everyone can withstand it.

Modern devices have been designed specifically for women who are sensitive to pain. They have a cooling cap that gives you a feeling of coldness, thereby reducing pain.

Before thinking about epilation, you need to "grow" your hair a little. This makes the job easier.

A few hours before the planned epilation, it is advisable to peel the area that will be deprived of hair. The procedure will help get rid of dead epidermis and reduce the problem of ingrown hairs.

The epilator is best used immediately after showering. As a result, the skin and hair will be softened and prepared for the procedure as much as possible.

Remember to always shave your hair against growth. This is the only way to effectively remove them along with the bulbs.

After finishing it is necessary to carefully inspect the treated area. There may be tiny hairs left that the epilator was unable to capture. It is recommended to get rid of them with tweezers.

The whole procedure ends with the application of a moisturizer.


This small device has many advantages. Among them are:

  • high efficiency compared to other hair removal methods,
  • long-term effect (up to 4 weeks),
  • comfortable shape,
  • very easy to use,
  • no allergic reactions,
  • obtaining the effect of extremely smooth skin,
  • effective hair weakening due to regular use,
  • saving time and money.


Like any other device, it also has its drawbacks. Some of them, however, are an individual matter. The most frequently mentioned ones include:

  • feeling of pain when removing hair (a matter of sensitivity),
  • ingrown hair
  • tweezers can become clogged due to hairs that are too long and thick,
  • tiny hairs are not removed,
  • less comfortable than a regular razor.

Contraindications for use

There are several situations in which the device should not be used. It:

  • pregnancy,
  • phlebeurysm,
  • diabetes,
  • sensitive skin.

What should you consider when buying an epilator?

Before deciding on a specific model, it is worth doing a small test in an invisible place on the skin (for example, on the lower arm). In this way, you can check how the body is reacting. If there is a burning sensation, prolonged redness or minor wounds, then you should not buy it.

Each of us knows our skin very well, so being too sensitive to pain should discourage us from making this decision.

It is also worth paying attention to the type of power supply of the device (network or wireless) and speed control. Choosing the right strength is important as it can slightly reduce the sensation of pain.

Depilation is currently the main care activity. Every woman who cares about the aesthetics of her appearance knows this. This is not surprising, because a smooth body is now the canon of female beauty.

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