Clay Is A Great Way To Care For Your Skin

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Clay Is A Great Way To Care For Your Skin
Clay Is A Great Way To Care For Your Skin

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The clay has a multifunctional effect, thanks to which many skin problems can be effectively prevented. It does not cause irritation and allergic reactions, and its beneficial properties will bring many benefits to the body.

Clay is a great way to care for your skin
Clay is a great way to care for your skin

Clay is nothing more than natural sedimentary rocks, which are then processed to finally take the form of very fine and light dust, which can be used as a popular mask with a little warm water and, if desired, a few drops of oil. Creating cosmetics yourself is not difficult and does not take a lot of time.

Preparation of the mask

Place 1 teaspoon of clay in a china bowl and mix thoroughly with water until a mixture looks like sour cream. Then distribute it evenly over cleansed skin and wait for about 15-20 minutes. From time to time, when the mask begins to dry, apply a hydrolat (aloe vera, damask, chamomile, neroli flower, etc.). Finally, rinse the preparation thoroughly.

If the skin is oily, mixed, heavily polluted or problematic, green and blue clays (Cambrian) are the best suggestions for it. The first type (green) is the rarest of all clays. It has very strong cleansing, antibacterial, disinfecting and sebum absorbing properties. Effectively neutralizes free radicals, helps unblock pores, reduces inflammation and gently tightens tissues. In addition, it absorbs residual toxins and heals acne. It is important to note that it also has a positive effect on pathological changes such as eczema and psoriasis. After use, the face becomes smooth, soft and luminous.

Cambrian clay has similar properties and at the same time accelerates regeneration processes, reduces existing wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones, but if the skin is sensitive, thin, dry or mature, you should take advantage of the valuable properties of white clay. It has a very delicate and extremely light texture. It is the softest of all clays. Thoroughly cleanses and smoothes the skin, increases its elasticity and soothes irritation and inflammation, and thanks to the richness of micro and macro elements, it strengthens and restores damaged epidermis.

Red clay is ideal for all skin types, but the most rewarding for it is skin prone to capillary damage. This cosmetic product perfectly cleanses pores, removes toxins and absorbs excess sebum. It is rich in several valuable minerals, nourishes and heals, and also seals the walls of blood vessels, preventing the appearance of the so-called spider veins. In addition, it unifies the color and brings relief.

Black clay is great for stressed or heavily soiled skin. It improves blood circulation and warms the tissues, thanks to which oxygen becomes better permeable and more efficiently gets rid of residual toxins. A healthy and radiant appearance is restored, and the symptoms of fatigue are quickly reduced.

In order to preserve freshness and youth for as long as possible, you should rely on profitable and affordable clay.

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