Can Peeling Be Done In Summer

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Can Peeling Be Done In Summer
Can Peeling Be Done In Summer

Video: Can Peeling Be Done In Summer

Video: Can Peeling Be Done In Summer
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Peeling is a rather harsh procedure at any time of the year for the already delicate skin of the face. In the summer, the negative effect increases, and cosmetologists recommend postponing this procedure at least until autumn. But what about the owners of oily and problem skin who are in dire need of peeling? Fortunately, now there are so-called lightweight and gentle peels, which can be used in the summer as well.

Can peeling be done in summer
Can peeling be done in summer

Who can do face peeling in summer

For the invention of light peels, we can say a special thanks to the inhabitants of the countries of eternal summer. It is where the sun is always active that a kind of surface peelings were invented.

Everyone knows that after such a procedure, human skin inevitably becomes thinner, which means it is more susceptible to various negative factors, especially to the sun. The protective layer inhibits the production of melanin less and less. From here appear age spots, burns, premature unwanted wrinkles appear. People with very thick skin are more fortunate than others. They can cope with such cosmetic problems as oily sheen and focal inflammations with the help of light or medium peeling, but owners of thin skin need to study the relevant information in detail before visiting a beautician or going to a pharmacy to buy a product for independent use.

There is no need for everyone indiscriminately to do such a procedure in the summer, so you should dwell on what indications exist for carrying it out. Namely this: oily skin, which under the influence of the sun produces much more stratum corneum than usual; fresh scars of newly healed inflammations; severe forms of acne and rosacea literally need to be dried with exfoliation.

What kind of peeling can be done in summer?

Traditionally, there are only three types of peel:

  • surface;
  • median;
  • deep.

The superficial one is designed to remove the upper keratinized particles, the middle one removes the whole layer of the epidermis, and the deep one affects even more than one, while requiring long-term recovery. It is already obvious that suitable for summer is superficial. It has no contraindications and is perfect for preparing the skin for sunbathing, it also perfectly evens the top layer and skin color, and removes pronounced defects.

This procedure is usually carried out with fruit acids, the weakest of all. As with strong peeling, a burning sensation may occur, but only a slight one. It is eliminated by adding moisturizers and vitamins.

Types of summer peels

There are many varieties of such a procedure, but only a qualified cosmetologist can select a specific one, who will thereby protect the client's skin from possible complications with an incorrectly selected peeling.

However, there are some of the most common and safest peels in the summer.

  • Fruit surface (ANA acids). The softest and most gentle of all, does not injure the skin, while it starts the regeneration processes on all layers of the skin.
  • Ultrasonic. Designed to improve blood circulation, oxygenate cells and refresh the appearance.
  • Enzyme. Its peculiarity is that it is performed with the help of enzymes that are easily absorbed by the body and are an alternative to acids.
  • Gas-liquid. This procedure excludes contact with a doctor and is carried out with a compressed gas with a medicinal solution. Ideal for face resurfacing.
  • Brossage. Various mechanical attachments are used here. Recommended for those who do not suffer from skin problems.
  • Galvanic cleaning. Low voltage electric current is applied. It helps the occurrence of a chemical reaction on an alkaline solution previously applied to the face. Through this, deep cleansing of the skin occurs.
  • Gommage It is the most gentle type of cleansing. A tool for carrying out such a procedure can be purchased at any pharmacy and performed independently, following the instructions.

The need for post-peeling care

Even though the procedure was gentle and gentle, there is still a risk of complications. Therefore, it is important to follow some rules. The first two days, it is better to occupy yourself with household chores and not go outside. The next two weeks after that, before leaving the room, you should cover your skin with sunscreen with a protection level of at least 50. Even if it is cloudy outside, contact with ultraviolet light is possible, and the delicate, vulnerable skin during this period can be damaged by severe burns. It will also be an excellent solution to put aside gels, foams, moisturizers and nourishing creams for a while, and use only panthenol-based healing agents.

Carrying out the peeling procedure in the hot season is a question that everyone decides on their own. There is no acute need for it, and it may be more correct and easier to postpone the procedure until autumn. However, if there are unpleasant, urgent, problems with the face, then there are many safe procedures and care products for recovery.