The Main Beauty Myths About The Features Of Summer Vacations

The Main Beauty Myths About The Features Of Summer Vacations
The Main Beauty Myths About The Features Of Summer Vacations

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Stereotypes are known to be the enemies of common sense. In terms of the characteristics of summer vacations, they can play a cruel joke with girls who have been misled by established stereotypes. If you think that the scorching sun can improve the condition of problem skin, and the use of perfume and eau de toilette in hot weather is not recommended, then you have become a victim of stereotypes. It is for you that we will dispel all beauty myths that will help you not to get into a mess during your vacation.

The main beauty myths about the features of summer vacations
The main beauty myths about the features of summer vacations

1. The hotter the sun, the stronger and stronger nails become

You may have noticed how on vacation your nails are greatly transformed. The effect can be very strong and difficult to achieve with cosmetics. However, the sun's rays have nothing to do with it. Surely on vacation you constantly use different creams, and salt water in the sea or bleach in the pool, coupled with fatty cosmetics, improve the external condition of the nails, but by no means make them stronger. Hot sun rays activate the production of vitamin D in the body, thereby strengthening bones.

2. Waxing before the vacation will make your legs smooth throughout the vacation.

This is a big misconception, therefore, if you have not yet waxed, we advise you to postpone it. After the first session of this therapy, hairs tend to grow larger and faster than usual. Only after 5-6 sessions can you hope that you will have to forget about epilation for a few weeks, and this is too much to prepare for a two-week rest.

3. The deplorable state of the already problematic skin will help improve direct sunlight

At first, sunbathing will really seem like this, since the hot sun dries out the skin and acne. But after a few days of summer vacation, you will find a different effect. Ultraviolet light strongly weaken the protective properties of the epidermis, which block the excessive production of sebum. But this is only one side of the issue, because if even small marks from previous acne remain on your face or body, then direct sunlight will turn them into bright age spots that cannot be eliminated. Conclusion: if you are the owner of problem skin, then in order not to turn your summer vacation into a nightmare, do not sunbathe without a light-textured SPF filter that does not clog pores.

4. In the summer, it is better not to wear waterproof makeup, because it is difficult to wash off

This statement was relevant for the years, when all cosmetics with the characteristic "waterproof" were made on the basis of heavy oils. Now the insular element in the composition of such funds is wax. In this regard, a lot of advantages are formed in waterproof cosmetics. Firstly, the wax base fixes makeup reliably, without creating the feeling of a mask on the face, and at the same time is easily washed off. Secondly, waterproof products create a thin protective film on the face that does not clog pores and at the same time protects the skin from drying out under the influence of direct sunlight.

5. Protective hair masks should be kept for at least 20 minutes.

The principle: "The longer, the better" does not work in this case. If the packaging of the quack or hair mask says that you need to keep it for 3 minutes, then it makes no sense to sit with it longer. On the surface of the hair, a conditioner or a mask works for only 30 seconds, a couple more minutes for the product to be absorbed.

6. In hot weather, do not use perfume or eau de toilette

The statement that splashing perfume on the body under the influence of sunlight can cause burns is a big misconception.Of course, if, for example, a sun cream was applied to the body, then the alcohol base on which all perfumes are made can significantly weaken the effect of the protective agent. But if there is none, the drops of the body's spirits will be absolutely harmless. The exception is women who are prone to allergic reactions. They are advised to replace the perfume in the summer with lighter sprays or perfume mist for the hair.

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