How To Pierce Your Tongue At Home

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How To Pierce Your Tongue At Home
How To Pierce Your Tongue At Home

Video: How To Pierce Your Tongue At Home

Video: How To Pierce Your Tongue At Home
Video: Piercing My Tongue at Home 2023, December

The pierced tongue is a fashion statement. Today, this method of decoration is used by a variety of people, but it came to modern times through the millennia: the Aztecs still performed similar manipulations with the body. You can make a puncture in the salon, but it costs money, or you can do it yourself at home, but you need to understand that this process is quite painful.

How to pierce your tongue at home
How to pierce your tongue at home

It is necessary

  • - tongue bar
  • - a hollow needle from the blood transfusion system
  • - disinfectant for equipment
  • - mouth disinfectant
  • - cotton swabs
  • - mirror


Step 1

Puncture of the tongue is a painful process. In this case, significant bleeding can occur if a vein is touched. You need to tune in in advance to do everything as quickly and correctly as possible. Be prepared that drops of blood may fall on the floor, choose a place where there are no rugs, and in front of you is a comfortable mirror. Do not use a mirror that you need to hold in your hands, because you will need all your fingers for further manipulations. The puncture game must be hollow. Through it, you then insert the barbell. Make sure in advance that it fits into the hole so that you do not have to repeat the procedure in the future.

Step 2

Disinfect tools and hands. For this, you can use special tools, or you can use ordinary medical alcohol. Then disinfect the oral cavity, for this "Stomatodin" or another substance, which is easy to find in any pharmacy, is suitable. You need to prick exactly in the middle of the tongue. This is the least sensitive place, as well as large vessels do not pass here. The puncture must be made vertical, not at an angle. The smoother the movement, the more comfortable it will be to wear the jewelry in the future.

Step 3

Stick out your tongue, hold it with one hand. In salons for this purpose there are special forceps, because instinctively a person tries to pull the tongue back. At home, everything will have to be done by hand. Fix the tongue, mark the puncture site. The closer it is to the teeth, the more likely the enamel will be injured by the barbell when talking or chewing food. The puncture must be done with a sharp and quick movement. You do not need to slowly insert the needle, as it will be too painful. Place the needle upright and push it into the fabric with one press. Then, through the needle, insert the barbell and remove the lancing device, and twist the second ball. Re-treat the puncture with disinfectant.

Step 4

After piercing the tongue, there will be a lot of blood. Do not be alarmed, this is a temporary phenomenon, use cotton pads. During the first hours, tissue edema will occur. It will take place within a week. After each meal, rinse your mouth with special disinfectant solutions to prevent the puncture from becoming inflamed. Complete healing will occur within 6 weeks, before that the tongue will hurt, it will be difficult to talk and eat solid food.