Why There Are No Ugly People

Why There Are No Ugly People
Why There Are No Ugly People

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The phrase "there are no ugly people" often looks like a consolation. But if you are ready to accept that there are no perfect people, beauty will cease to play a decisive role for you.

Why there are no ugly people
Why there are no ugly people

What is meant when they say, "This man is handsome"? In the overwhelming majority of cases - appearance. Now imagine a picture: there is a very beautiful, in your taste, a girl or an outwardly charming man.

A toned body, proud posture, thick hair, correct facial features … Unable to bear it, you decide to get to know each other. Come up, start talking, and hear a muffled moo in response. Outwardly, this person is still handsome, but has he remained as pleasant, interesting?

Or imagine the opposite situation. You are in a new team, there are no acquaintances. You get bored. Suddenly a completely nondescript person turns to you - a man or a woman, who is more interesting to imagine.

Dull hair, small eyes … It does not cause anything but irritation in you. But then he starts talking to you. And … you have never met a more interesting, understanding interlocutor. Would his appearance make the same difference? Unlikely. And maybe over time and in his appearance you will find a completely indescribable attractiveness.

All this says only one thing - about subjectivity. For you, one and the same person in one minute was both beautiful and disgusting. So what is he really like?

He is only in your eyes, in your perception. Therefore, when meeting people, you should not judge them without learning deeper. Something beautiful is sure to be found. Different people perceive the same actor in their own way.

But what can I say - putting your hand on your heart, and you will be able to remember both people who love you and those who just cast an indifferent look. Therefore, each person will necessarily be beautiful for someone - in body or soul, or even all together.

This means that you can find this beauty in everyone. One has only to want. But you must admit that it is always more pleasant to seek and find something good, and not vice versa.

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