How To Hide A Piercing

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How To Hide A Piercing
How To Hide A Piercing

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Piercing is a form of body modification - a puncture in which jewelry can be worn. The reasons why people get pierced can be very different: from religious motives to banal self-expression. However, piercing on open areas of the body can sometimes cause some inconvenience to its owner, due to which the bearer of the jewelry is forced to hide the puncture for a while.

How to hide a piercing
How to hide a piercing

It is necessary

  • Concealer
  • Powder
  • Hair styling product
  • Hairpins-invisible
  • Body patch
  • Hair band


Step 1

If you need to hide the piercing for a short time, then there is a way out of the situation. Nose piercings can be hidden quite easily with foundation, but you need to choose the right earring shape. Rings or "bananas" will have to be discarded, replacing them with a silver or gold carnation with a small cap without a stone. It is easy to cover such an earring with foundation, distributing it on the head of a clove. After masking, you need to use loose powder to even out the skin color in the nose area.

Step 2

Hiding eyebrow piercings is easy enough if you have long bangs. As a rule, the eyebrow is pierced closer to the temple, so by combing the bangs on the side of the face where the earring is located, the piercing can be hidden. In order not to worry that the puncture will still be visible if the wind blows and the hair rises, you can use hair gel, making a fixed styling. For greater reliability, you can fix the finished hairstyle with an invisible one.

Step 3

If you have an adornment on the chin, then you can forget about permanent disguise, since it is almost impossible to hide the adornment in the area of ​​the lips and chin due to the constant mobility of the mouth area. If you need to hide your piercing for several hours, for example, if you are having a job interview, you can use a body patch. Cut off the required patch and glue to the piercing area, grabbing the skin around the edges of the earring. It is better to use a flesh-colored patch - it is less conspicuous, which will make you feel comfortable.

Step 4

For the owner of multiple punctures in the lobe and cartilage of the ear, to hide the jewelry, you can choose the right hairstyle that will cover the ears. You don't have to go around with your hair down all the time, there are many hairstyles with an ear allowance. You can also use the favorite summer accessories of almost all girls - a hair band. Such a headdress will help you to emphasize your individuality, style and attractiveness, while completely hiding the piercing in your ears. The main thing is to experiment with the color and texture of the bandages. For office wear (white top, black bottom), a black or red bandage made of thick fabric is suitable. A silk ribbon of neutral colors is suitable for a summer colorful sundress.

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