What Are The Most Popular Piercing Places

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What Are The Most Popular Piercing Places
What Are The Most Popular Piercing Places

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Piercings can be seen on so many people: from a graceful nose piercing, to rough earrings on the face and intimate places. This is a way to stand out from the crowd, which came to us from Africa.


Body piercing

People's preferences and tastes change over time. What used to be fashionable is rapidly becoming old-fashioned. So piercing becomes widespread and popular only in our time, although its origin began in ancient times. The reasons why people decide to decorate their bodies can be very diverse: an explicit expression of their "I", religious impulses, belonging to a certain trend, or belonging to a subculture. If earlier people were limited to piercing only the auricles, then at this stage humanity pierces anything, from the head to the lower limbs. Which parts of the body are more popular for piercing?

Most Popular Piercing Locations

Ear piercings are the most common piercing site. Today, ears can be pierced from lobe to cartilage. But it is better to trust the piercing to a professional, because if you do not, then it can be fraught with consequences for you.

The next most popular is navel piercing. This type of piercing is preferred by women who like to wear short tops.

Tongue piercings are slightly inferior to navel piercings, but are also popular among both girls and guys. However, not many agree to piercing the tongue, because it can bring enormous discomfort.

This is followed by a nose piercing. More often the wing of the nose is pierced, and only the most rejected do piercings in the septum of the tip of the nose.

Eyebrow piercing is inferior in frequency to nose piercing. This type of piercing is no longer exotic. Usually the place where the earring is inserted is closer to the tip of the eyebrow. The earring looks like a barbell.

Lip piercing is slightly inferior to its predecessor. The earring is located either on the side or in the center. It should not touch the teeth, as this can damage the enamel.

The next most popular type of piercing is nipple piercing, it is less common than the previous type. This type of piercing can only be accepted by people who crave extreme sensations. Basically, this type of piercing is done by men. It is very rare for women to have nipple piercing because they put their own health and the health of their future children at risk.

Less popular are piercings of the skull, intimate area, eyeball and nail piercings.

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