How To Hide Piercings

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How To Hide Piercings
How To Hide Piercings

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Many young people decide to beautify their face or body with piercings. It looks beautiful, but it often happens that this decoration needs to be hidden. It is possible to disguise a piercing, but this is not true for every type of piercing.

How to hide piercings
How to hide piercings


Step 1

The easiest way to hide the piercing is in the ears. If you have long hair, then it will be enough to dissolve it, and the numerous earrings on your ears will not be visible. You can also hide the piercing under any headgear, headphones, headband or hood.

Step 2

Eyebrow piercings can be hidden by wearing glasses with a wide enough frame. Even if the earring does not hide completely, attention will be diverted from it. A pierced eyebrow is also handy to hide under your hair, especially if you have bangs. However, the hair will strongly hide your face, you may seem withdrawn and unkempt, so the first option is more suitable in order to make a good impression.

Step 3

Belly button piercings are naturally easy to hide with long clothing. If you know in advance that you do not need to demonstrate a pierced navel today, then you should carefully consider your wardrobe. Choose an item that won't pull up or expose the piercing, even if you raise your hands. It is best to wear a sweater or shirt that can be tucked into your pants (or skirt).

Step 4

As far as the nose or lip is concerned, it is impossible to hide the earring in these places. Whether you like it or not, you have to take it out for a while. Unfortunately, a newly removed earring will leave marks on your face in the form of small holes, and at first they are very striking. You can use foundation or powder to hide the piercing marks, but do not forget to treat the piercing with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or chlorhexidine before putting on the earring. If the piercing has been removed recently, it is better not to take it out for a long time, otherwise it may become overgrown.

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