Why Botox Is Dangerous

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Why Botox Is Dangerous
Why Botox Is Dangerous

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Modern cosmetology sometimes amazes with the level of development that it has managed to achieve over the past few decades. All kinds of drugs and procedures designed to make people beautiful can not only radically change the life of a person who dreams of correcting the shortcomings that nature has "rewarded" him with, but also have, unfortunately, an irreparable impact on his health, which must be warned about. lovers of the now very common procedure using Botox.

Why botox is dangerous
Why botox is dangerous


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Today, good looks have become synonymous with success and a guarantee of recognition in society, which is why many men and women, striving to prolong youth and beauty, try by any means to mask the facial wrinkles that have appeared in the corners of the eyes and lips over time, to correct the "frayed" oval of the face.

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Botox or botulinum toxin has been actively used since the mid-eighties of the last century, since then the awareness of its fans and the skill of specialists using, without exaggeration, a poisonous substance has grown incredibly, however, the consequences of being carried away by such beauty injections still do not cease to show their the most terrible manifestations.

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Botox itself is obtained as a result of the vital activity of a certain microbe, which in ordinary life causes botulism. At the heart of its action is the "microparalysis" of muscles, which stops the flow of nerve signals to the hated nasolabial folds and wrinkles between the eyes, artificially hindering their mobility. As a result, the muscles, on which such an effect was exerted, completely relaxes and after a few days are smoothed out, giving the person the desired beauty.

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Experts warn that excessive enthusiasm for such drugs can lead to complete muscle atrophy, paralysis, and disappearance of facial expressions. Over time, the positive effect of Botox on smoothing wrinkles decreases, and an increase in dosage, in turn, can cause instant muscle stiffness, which leads to a distortion, or asymmetry of the face.

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It is no secret that botulinum toxin causes severe swelling and stagnation of fluid in the body, resulting in circles under the eyes, heavy eyebrows, drooping eyelids.

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Neurologists warn patients that botox is incompatible with many drugs and causes severe complications in the case of emergency operations carried out immediately after a cosmetic procedure. Botox ingestion of the facial artery can cause instant blindness, stroke, and other brain damage. It is not a secret either that botox weakens the nerve connections of the muscles of the face and the brain, over time this leads to the loss of a person's ability to betray the desired emotions.

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Psychologists sound the alarm and loudly shout about the effect of Botox on the psycho-emotional state of a person, because as the effect of the procedure loses, a person becomes more unhappy and, together with the return of wrinkles, loses the joy of life, making more and more attempts to change his appearance with an injection.

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