Why Does Hair Climb After Shampooing

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Why Does Hair Climb After Shampooing
Why Does Hair Climb After Shampooing

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Hair loss is a serious problem. Hair loss is exacerbated after washing, as the hair is treated with a chemical shampoo and is made heavier by the water. In order to cope with a problem, you need to find its cause.

Why does hair climb after shampooing
Why does hair climb after shampooing

Lack of vitamins is a common cause of hair loss

For hair to be strong and healthy, it needs vitamins. But if your diet is low in vegetables and fruits, you may well experience vitamin deficiency. In addition, autumn and winter are traditionally poor in vitamins. To cope with the problem, you can get the necessary substances from special additives. For hair health, it is not necessary to buy multivitamin complexes - it is enough to use vitamins A, C, D and F. The condition of the skin, including on the head, depends on the presence of vitamin A, which is rich in carrots. Vitamin C, contained in citrus fruits and kiwi, enhances blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles. Vitamin D, which comes from fish and seafood, is responsible for hair growth. And vitamin F prevents loss, it is found in large quantities in beans, nuts and vegetable oil.

In addition to vitamins, iron is essential for healthy hair.

Improper care and hair falling out

The abundance of styling products negatively affects hair health. Varnishes, mousses and gels clog the pores of the hair, preventing it from breathing. Also, styling products have a strong drying effect - for the same reason, it is not recommended to often dry your head with a hot hairdryer. When styling, try to use as little product as possible. It is not recommended to simultaneously apply to the hair and foam, and spray, and varnish, and wax, especially if everything is made by different manufacturers. Never go to bed with styling. If you are unable to wash your hair, comb through your hair well. If you are using a lot of styling, you may need a special cleansing shampoo.

Hair is negatively affected by tight hairstyles - tails, braids, bunches.

Weakened hair follicles and scalp

The health of the hair follicles affects the density and quality of your hair. Their weakening can occur due to external or internal causes - stress, illness, or taking certain medications. To strengthen the hair follicles, head massage and the use of a massage brush are useful. Also effective are folk recipes for masks made on the basis of heating products - red pepper, mustard, onion, radish. Nutritional ingredients are added to these substances - egg yolks, honey, vegetable oils. By the way, vitamins in the form of oils can also be applied to the hair as a mask. After washing, do not injure your hair by pulling it out and curling it tightly in a towel. Rinse them with cool water and blot gently with a towel - this will help the hair to crawl less.

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