Which Is Better - Dysport Or Botox

Which Is Better - Dysport Or Botox
Which Is Better - Dysport Or Botox

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As you know, female beauty tends to fade. The aging process is inexorable, and already in the third decade one can notice that "crow's feet" appear in the eye area. In the area of ​​the lips and nose, closer to thirty, mimic wrinkles appear, and the woman's face loses its freshness. Then the oval of the face loses its shape and seems to blur. And then with each passing year, the wrinkles become more and more. The 21st century was marked by high-quality plastic surgery and delighted the ladies with the release of drugs such as botox and dysport.

Botox or dysport
Botox or dysport

Since ancient times, science has been fighting for youth and health, trying to keep them as long as possible. Dysport or Botox, which is better? Patient opinions vary, and many believe the drugs are extremely dangerous. Both drugs are injected under the skin during cosmetic procedures using injections. The active ingredient in both drugs is botulinum toxin type A, therefore, the effect of both is the same. Wrinkles are smoothed out and the face looks fresh. However, it should be fairly noted that the drugs are used not only on the face, but also on the neck, palms and even under the armpits. This solves the issue of heavy sweating, which causes a number of inconveniences to people.

In modern cosmetology and the widespread use of dysport and botox, a fair question arises: which is better? To understand it, it is necessary to compare the effect of both drugs. The first criterion is the first manifestation of the drug's action, and the difference is obvious here, since in Botox it is noticeable from four to seven days, and in dysport from days to four days. That is why dysport is used before important events, if a quick effect is required. The final effect for both drugs is identical and ranges from ten to fourteen days.

The second criterion is the accuracy of the impact. At the same time, botox precisely affects the desired muscle, and dysport can also affect neighboring ones. Therefore, when choosing a drug, these features must be taken into account.

The third criterion is the content of the active ingredient in the preparations. And in dysport, it is two to three times higher than that of botox, which may explain the speed of manifestation of the drug's action, which has not yet been scientifically proven. It is important to take into account that dysport and side effects can be three times higher.

The last criterion will be the price. Dysport is three times cheaper than its counterpart, which makes it much more profitable. Botox manufacturers, understanding the competition, still do not bring down prices and are unlikely to reduce them in the near future.

Choosing from two drugs, we note that botox is produced in America, and dysport is a French development, but botox still exists on the market for ten years longer than its analog. The consumer's choice between drugs can only be individual, when comparing the effect and price. In addition, dysport is believed to last a little longer than Botox, but there is no scientific evidence for this claim. Also, due to the difference in existence, it should be noted that the side effects of dysport are not fully understood, which, however, does not prevent him from actively displacing botox from the market.

When choosing a drug, it is important to remember that the contraindications and side effects of both drugs are the same and must be taken into account. In addition, only an experienced cosmetologist can be an important criterion for a successful cosmetic procedure, since mistakes can lead to a number of real problems. If the consumer is not satisfied with the quality of the salon and its staff: it is better not to take risks.

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