How To Let Go Of A Beard

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How To Let Go Of A Beard
How To Let Go Of A Beard

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A beard is a real pride for one, but for another it is just an interesting experiment. According to statistics, bearded and barbel in the country as much as 20 percent. This change in appearance allows you to be strikingly different from your previous image, to emphasize or hide certain facial features and even change its oval. However, in any case, growing a beard, you will have to suffer a little. At least morally, constantly answering the questions "Why do you need this?"

How to let go of a beard
How to let go of a beard


Step 1

Perhaps, before letting go of the beard, you should take a good look at the photos of happy beard owners, take a closer look at the bearded men on the street and even use a special computer program that will easily try on the beard for your photo.

Step 2

Therefore, to begin with, stock up on calmness and adequately respond to everyone who is trying to unbalance you. Remember - the beard will grow for a relatively long time, so you will often have to answer questions. For peace of mind and in order not to break off, hide for a while any razors that are within reach. Otherwise, you can accidentally succumb to the temptation.

Step 3

Be prepared for the fact that the beard will constantly itch at first. And later, the beard will require constant care and attention from you. True, now there are many special machines on sale that facilitate this process. Most electric razors also come with a special knife that can easily tweak and shape the beard.

Step 4

Take care of special cosmetics that will make your beard perfect - obedient and soft. Some seasoned bearded men advise beginners to lubricate their chin with castor oil. Then the beard will be darker and thicker. Another "cosmetic" tip - lubricate your chin with burdock oil every day for at least two weeks. This tool will definitely accelerate the growth of the beard and make it thick and even.

Step 5

As you let go of your beard, think about what type of beard you like. Perhaps a barely noticeable beard will do, or maybe it is worth the risk and have a luxurious long beard. But in any case, remember about the need for constant care, because nothing spoils a man's appearance so much, giving him a dozen or two years of age, like an untidy beard. Therefore, bearded men should in no way be jealous from the point of view of the lack of constant shaving in their daily life.

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