How To Remove Belly Folds

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How To Remove Belly Folds
How To Remove Belly Folds

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A smooth, toned tummy is every woman's dream. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to achieve the ideal shape and get rid of ugly deposits that disfigure the entire silhouette. In order to remove the folds of the abdomen, you have to work hard.

How to remove belly folds
How to remove belly folds


Step 1

Before embarking on drastic measures and starting the fight for a flat stomach, it is necessary to understand the causes of the defects that have appeared. The fact is that the ugly folds on the abdomen can have different origins. These can be fatty deposits caused by overeating, sagging abdominal muscles, or stretched skin after childbirth. In each case, the ways to solve the problem will be different.

Step 2

If your belly folds are caused by excess body fat, you should start by developing proper nutrition and gymnastic exercises. It is very important to remember that strict short-term diets will not give the desired effect. Of course, fat in the waist and abdomen looses faster than other parts of the body, but after a short, hard diet, it will recover just as quickly. Therefore, a long-term balanced diet without excessive restrictions or abuse is necessary.

Step 3

Regular exercise is an absolute prerequisite for a smooth, flat belly. Without training, weakened abdominal muscles begin to sag and give the unpleasant impression of fatty folds even when there is practically no fatty layer in reality. In the case of at least a slight completeness, the picture turns out to be completely unsightly. Therefore, a strong press is the best prevention of the appearance of folds on the abdomen.

Step 4

Vacuum massage gives a good effect for eliminating belly folds. It can be done both professionally in a beauty parlor and independently at home. In the second case, you will need a special rubber vacuum massage jar, which you can buy at the pharmacy. It is important to remember that the abdomen is a very sensitive area and should be handled carefully. It is better to pre-take several massage sessions from a professional massage therapist in order to understand how to act correctly.

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