What You Need To Eat To Enlarge Your Breasts

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What You Need To Eat To Enlarge Your Breasts
What You Need To Eat To Enlarge Your Breasts

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For the sake of a large elastic breast, girls are ready to go under the knife of plastic surgeons. However, beauty doesn't have to be worth the sacrifice. Try making your bust a little bigger by adjusting your diet.

What you need to eat to enlarge your breasts
What you need to eat to enlarge your breasts


Perhaps no other breast augmentation product is surrounded by as many myths as cabbage. The fair sex, hoping to increase the bust by a size or two, begin to use cabbage of all varieties and in any dishes: sauerkraut, stew, baked. Doctors, however, do not consider this vegetable a panacea, but there is a rational grain in the use of this product.

White cabbage contains folic acid, which is essential for the growth of new cells. True, it will be most effective to use it during periods of rapid breast growth - during puberty of a girl and during pregnancy. Also, folic acid is found in red fish, carrots, legumes, green vegetables, bananas, yeast, and dairy products. So, if you do not like cabbage, you can safely move away from stereotypes and replace it with another product. Folic acid medicine will be just as helpful.

Fennel and hops

The hormone estrogen is responsible for breast growth. It is most actively produced during puberty, when the bust of girls begins to grow, and later its concentration decreases. If you want to make your breasts a little bigger, eat foods rich in phytoestrogen - fennel and hop cones. It is because of the large amount of female hormones in hops that men who abuse beer tend to distribute body fat according to the female pattern.

Breast enlargement with beer is not worth it, it is better to buy yourself herbal tea containing these components. You can also simply pour boiling water over dried fennel or cones, insist and drink the cooled broth. You should not get carried away with this method of breast augmentation, as this can lead to hormonal imbalances. One or two months will be enough, after which you definitely need to take a break.

Eat more

When losing weight, the first thing that disappears, unfortunately, is not the folds on the abdomen and sides, but the mouth-watering breasts and buttocks. Therefore, if you want your breasts to become larger, skip dieting. It would not be bad even to put on a few pounds. Of course, as a result, not only the bust will increase, but also the waist, but later you can retouch your figure with the help of physical exercises, pumping up the abs and legs, making the muscles of the arms and buttocks elastic. What to choose - thinness and small breasts, or a couple of extra pounds and a large bust - you decide.

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