How To Remove Swelling From The Tongue After Piercing

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How To Remove Swelling From The Tongue After Piercing
How To Remove Swelling From The Tongue After Piercing

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Body piercing is a popular form of body modification. Tongue piercing is especially popular among adolescents, which immediately after a puncture is accompanied by edema and other unpleasant consequences. You can remove or reduce the swelling of a pierced tongue if you fully follow certain recommendations.

How to remove swelling from the tongue after piercing
How to remove swelling from the tongue after piercing

Post-piercing healing

A pierced tongue heals in about two weeks. During this time, many bacteria contained in saliva enter the wound, which can be neutralized by treating the oral cavity with antibacterial enzymes and special rinses. A slight swelling on the tongue will appear one day after the puncture and will reach its greatest size two to six days after the procedure.

In the first week after piercing the tongue, it is recommended to eat exceptionally soft foods - nectars, yoghurts, juice or baby food.

To reduce and remove puffiness, it is necessary to choose the right barbell earring, because if it is too short, the tongue will swell to the maximum. It is also advisable to use anti-inflammatory drugs after meals, treating the oral cavity with them several times a day. In addition, after eating, rinse it with warm salt water. Cold and frozen foods or ice cubes / crushed ice can also help relieve swelling, pain, and inflammation. In this case, you can eat solid food, but this must be done very carefully so as not to bite the barbell in the tongue and break your teeth.

Guidelines for handling a punctured tongue

The long dumbbell can be replaced with a shorter one after at least ten days to avoid recurrence of tongue swelling. It is imperative to remove the formed plaque from the tongue and jewelry daily. A soft toothbrush is perfect for this. Cool water, which is advisable to drink every morning, will help reduce swelling on the tongue. In the first days after piercing the tongue, you need to speak as little as possible, since unnecessary movements of the injured tongue and dumbbells can disturb the wound and cause bleeding from it.

So that the puffiness does not increase, for the time of healing it is necessary to give up spicy food and hot liquid products - soup, tea, coffee. Alcohol is also temporarily contraindicated.

It is also not recommended to touch the dumbbell with the tip of the tongue at the initial stages of healing and try to "play" with it - this will slow down the process of tissue regeneration and can provoke the formation of scars. It is also not recommended to remove the dumbbell, since the puncture of the tongue will heal very quickly and everything will have to be done in a new way. Oral sex should be abstained from for at least fifteen days - kissing should also be postponed until the puncture is completely tightened.

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