Where To Get Pierced

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Where To Get Pierced
Where To Get Pierced

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The art of piercing goes back several thousand years. Today, earring jewelry on various parts of the body is accepted in some subcultures and has gained great popularity among young people. However, the choice of the place where you will get a puncture must be approached with caution.

Where to get pierced
Where to get pierced

Why can't piercing be done everywhere?

Piercing, along with tattoos, is in great demand today. They are also fond of adolescents who want to demonstrate independence and "adulthood", and older people, for whom punctures become a kind of symbols. Due to the popularity of body piercing, this procedure has been offered in many places.

You can pierce almost any part of the body. Eyebrows, nose wings, navel, upper lip, chin are especially popular. But in the first place in women - a puncture of the earlobes. This procedure is also a piercing.

Body piercing is considered a surgical procedure. If it is done by a non-professional or the conditions are unsanitary, the negative consequences of a puncture cannot be avoided. You shouldn't get pierced by yourself or with the help of a friend at home. These savings will not lead to anything good.

Some of the consequences of a misplaced piercing can be minor, while others can be serious health risks and death. For example, in an unsanitary environment, you can be infected with HIV, hepatitis, and other infections. If the puncture is made incorrectly, the wound may not heal for a long time, fester, constantly bleed, which can lead to blood poisoning, tissue necrosis and even subsequent amputation of a part of the body.

Also pay attention to the way the puncture is created. Only earlobe piercing is done with a pistol. All other parts of the body (including the auricles) are pierced with a special needle.

How to choose where to get your piercing?

Piercing can be done in specialized salons licensed for this activity. It's great if your friends / acquaintances have already used the services of this place. Documents and recommendations are very important when choosing, but pay attention to some other details.

First, be sure to ask what materials are used for the job. Do not hesitate to clarify the points on sterilization of instruments and the disposability of some of them. This point is very important because your beauty and health depend on purity.

Secondly, pay attention to the general condition of the premises and the workplace of the master. It should be clean, sterile, tidy. A professional will not allow himself to eat at the workplace, throw away tools or garbage. Also, a craftsman who takes care of his own health and the health of clients will work in sterile gloves.

Some piercers prefer to work without gloves, arguing that it is inconvenient and desensitized. In this case, it is better to choose another specialist, because an infection can get into the puncture from the hands.

Third, rely on your intuition. In the salon, you should be comfortable, and the master should inspire confidence. This criterion, in conjunction with the rest, will allow you to choose the most suitable place for the procedure.

If you absolutely do not trust the piercing parlors, go to the surgery room at the clinic. There you will find a high level of sterility and safety, and you can also ask for local anesthesia. The golden mean can be a special room in aesthetic surgery clinics.