How To Do A Salon Manicure At Home

How To Do A Salon Manicure At Home
How To Do A Salon Manicure At Home

Video: How To Do A Salon Manicure At Home

Video: How To Do A Salon Manicure At Home
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In modern society, there are a number of canons that determine not only the norms of behavior, but also the appearance. The main thing is taken into account - the style of clothing, well-groomed hair and hands, everyday manicure. The rules for the presence of neat nails apply to everyone. At the same time, special attention is paid to the fair sex, who spend a lot of time and money on salon manicure, trying to give their nails shine and beauty.

How to do a salon manicure at home
How to do a salon manicure at home

If you are not a professional, you can injure yourself with sharp and cutting tools, so doing a home manicure will require you to be consistent and careful.

An important factor for a successfully performed nail care procedure is the choice of tools and materials.

For home manicure, when choosing a tool, remember that scissors and nippers must be sharp. Give preference to those made using manual sharpening technology. It is advisable to use glass or ceramic files for nails, fine-grained, having a rounded shape. The pusher at one end should be sharpened to easily remove the pterygium.

For a home manicure, you will need the following tools and materials:

• bath for manicure;

• scissors or forceps to remove cuticles;

• pusher;

• orange tree sticks;

• glass nail saw.

• cuticle remover;

• lemon or orange oil;

• liquid soap;

• cotton pads;

• towel;

• liquid for removing nail polish;

• moisturizing hand cream.

Remove the old varnish before starting the procedure. Apply a small amount of nail polish remover to a cotton pad, and then in a circular motion remove it from the nail plate. Use acetone-free nail polish remover as this component causes dehydration and fragility of the nail plate.

Prepare the cuticle for removal. To do this, put your hands in a manicure bath for 10 minutes, into which you first add warm water, liquid soap and sea salt. Take your finger out of the water, pat dry with a towel. Then, apply a small amount of cuticle remover to the cuticle. Leave it on for 3 minutes.

Take a pusher, and then gently remove the pterygium from the surface of the nail plate. Use an orange tree stick to gently push the softened cuticle downward. If you are a supporter of non-edged manicure, it will be enough to scrape off the remnants of the build-up with the help of a pusher. Perform the manipulations carefully so as not to scratch the nail plate, as well as not injure the skin at the base of the nail. Such a simple manicure is within the power of every woman.

With the classic method, the cuticle is completely cut off. To do this, carefully remove the softened growth with nail scissors or forceps. Cut from the center to the corners of the nail. At the same time, movements should be small and frequent. This will prevent burrs from forming. If there are any, do not pull them, since wounds may form on the skin around the nail hole. It will be enough to carefully cut off the burrs with nail tongs.

Next, proceed with the processing of the nail rollers. Use a ceramic file or fine-grained pumice stone. To avoid ingrowth, do not cut the edges of the nail with forceps.

An important stage of home manicure is the sawdust of the free edge, which is performed in the direction from the edge of the nail to the center with a glass or fine-grained file. Choose the shape of your nails based on personal preferences and fashion trends.

Finally, apply orange or lemon oil to your nails and then lubricate your hands with moisturizer.

Cover the surface of your nails with varnish if desired. Use a fine brush and nail polish remover to correct any unevenness in the varnish around the cuticle and nail folds. You can also use a special corrective pencil for this. To keep the border of the varnish at the base of the nail bed as small as possible, push back the build-up as much as possible, and then paint over the nail with varnish. After 30-40 minutes, the cuticle will return to its place, and the varnish will have a perfect, almost invisible border at the base of the nail.