We Crush Acne According To The Rules

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We Crush Acne According To The Rules
We Crush Acne According To The Rules

Video: We Crush Acne According To The Rules

Video: We Crush Acne According To The Rules
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The worst thing to do with a hated pimple is to try to squeeze it out. Warning dermatologists not to crush acne, few people stop. If you can't resist the temptation to do hara-kiri for a pimple, at least do it according to the rules.

Pimples need to be squeezed out with care
Pimples need to be squeezed out with care

It is necessary

  • - alcohol or chlorhexidine;
  • - cotton wool;
  • - a needle.


Step 1

Wash your face and hands thoroughly. An ideal option is to disinfect your hands after washing with chlorhexidine. It can be purchased at the pharmacy, it costs a mere penny, but it perfectly protects against the ingress of microbes, which can aggravate the inflammatory process or lead to new inflammation.

Step 2

Wipe the area with rubbing alcohol or an alcohol-based toner.

Step 3

Examine the pimple. If it is ripe, it will have a white head. Don't you see anything like it? Then it is better not to tempt fate and postpone hara-kiri until the next day. Opening an unripe pimple is fraught with the appearance of a scar! Better to be patient for a day than trying to remove the scar all your life.

Step 4

Prepare your needle. It must be sterile. To do this, place it in alcohol or chlorhexidine for 5-10 seconds. You can use a syringe needle.

Step 5

Gently pierce the head of a mature pimple with a needle in a horizontal direction. With such a puncture, you will get two holes. The puncture should be located as close to the apex as possible. Don't try to stick the needle inside the pimple!

Step 6

Press the pimple from bottom to top, but only lightly. By pressing downwards, you can get even deeper inflammation. If it is time for the pimple, the pus will begin to drain through the holes on its own. Not? So, postpone the procedure for a couple of days.

Step 7

Disinfect the pimple after the pus has flowed out and apply any anti-inflammatory, spot-on or medicinal product with benzoyl peroxide active ingredient. In Russian pharmacies, drugs with this substance are sold under the brands "Baziron", "Desquam", "Benzakne", "Proderm".