How To Change Your Appearance

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How To Change Your Appearance
How To Change Your Appearance

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If you are an adult woman and you want to look younger and fresher, which is quite natural, you can do it with simple improvised means, without resorting to drastic measures. The only "but" that is in this issue is a sense of proportion. The main thing is not to overdo it. Here are some tips on this topic.

How to change your appearance
How to change your appearance

It is necessary

For the noble cause of maintaining beauty, you do not need much: creams, decorative cosmetics, some vegetables, and a trip to the hairdresser


Step 1

Skin is the first and foremost component of female beauty. How fresh and young she looks depends on how much younger and fresher you yourself will look.

Young skin glows, shines, you yourself know that. How to achieve this effect?

Get in the habit of using a foundation with reflective particles. By doing this, you will achieve several effects at once: the skin will look more youthful, and wrinkles and other minor imperfections will become less noticeable.

If your foundation is also with a lifting effect, it will be generally great.

Step 2

Eyes, namely circles under the eyes. This problem makes many older, even young girls. The reasons for this problem can be different. These are chronic lack of sleep, and poor circulation in the eye area, kidney problems, and even hemorrhoids.

If everything is in order with your health, sleep off and try the simplest and most effective folk remedy for eliminating circles under the eyes. Take a fresh cucumber, grate it, wrap it in cheesecloth, and make such cucumber compresses under the eyes.

Cucumber juice perfectly refreshes and brightens the delicate skin under the eyes. Do this routine on a regular basis and you will see how much you transform and look younger.

In emergencies, you can use special brightening pencils.

Step 3

Cheeks - fresh and rosy. Remember how a loving mother rubbed the cheeks of her ugly daughter with beets in the fairy tale "Frost" and said "princess, no - princess!" Remember, and don't do that.

If you are not 18 years old, do not be zealous in using very bright blush, but if you are not 60 - do not get carried away with beige and brown tones. Pink and peach are your primary blush colors to look younger and more attractive.

Step 4

Lips - bow, plump and sexy.

If your lips dry and crack, first of all, it is a lack of vitamin B. Pay attention to this - this vitamin is extremely necessary and useful for the female body.

And to visually make your lips more plump and sexy, use lipstick in pink shades, light, with a mother-of-pearl effect or lip gloss.

Step 5

Hair is shiny and healthy. Vitamin B is also responsible for the health and beauty of our hair. Make your intake of vitamins a pleasant morning ritual, and you yourself will notice how the structure and appearance of your hair will improve.

In order to visually look younger, do not construct complicated hairstyles on your head. Give preference to simple hairstyles, free flowing curls and a color close to natural.

Go to a good hairdresser, together you can choose an image that will be easy to maintain on your own, and that will make you look younger.

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