How To Change Yourself Beyond Recognition

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How To Change Yourself Beyond Recognition
How To Change Yourself Beyond Recognition

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A radical change in your appearance is not always a means to finally show your positive qualities. Sometimes a woman and her surroundings just get bored with the everyday image, they want something extremely new. If you have matured the decision to change yourself beyond recognition, get ready to work hard on yourself.

How to change yourself beyond recognition
How to change yourself beyond recognition


Step 1

Change starts from within. If you are a choleric person with an explosive, extremely independent character and are fond of wrestling, try to perceive yourself as a weak, defenseless woman: demand help from others, take offense and be capricious in pictures, ask for care and courting. Be sincere in your requests. Don't play or pretend, but be yourself in new circumstances. If you think that such a sudden change is causing laughter, then laugh at yourself in the shower, but do not stop.

Step 2

Find a new hobby. If before you enjoyed sitting at home with a book, grab dumbbells and a hoop, go in for dancing or fitness. If you do parkour, start going to theaters and museums, develop humanitarian thinking.

Step 3

Change your wardrobe. Present old things to a friend or exchange them for her clothes: instead of jeans, a romantic skirt made of soft, sliding material, instead of a sweater with a neck, a sweater with a deep neckline or a corset.

Step 4

Throw away all old makeup. Change the palette from gray-blue to bright green or pinkish-brown, replace pastel colors with bright ones. This applies to both the face and nails.

Step 5

Perfume. Your smell enters the room before you; sometimes you are even remembered by it. Pick a scent that you wouldn't have thought of yesterday.

Step 6

Hairstyle. Change the styling shape, color. Do something that feels extreme to you.

Step 7

Don't be shy about your new look. Incorporate new patterns and phrases into your behavior. Feel free and at ease in a new look, like in a good suit.

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