How To Get Rid Of Plaque

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How To Get Rid Of Plaque
How To Get Rid Of Plaque

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Plaque in the oral cavity can occur within a few hours after the next brushing of the teeth. At first, it appears as soft, whitish deposits and is located near the gums. Plaque can gradually turn into tartar. To get rid of this problem, you can use both the services of a dentist and home remedies.

How to get rid of plaque
How to get rid of plaque


Step 1

Consume natural bleaches as often as possible. These include raw apples, radishes, radishes, carrots, and lemon. These products have a beneficial effect on tooth enamel and promote its natural cleansing. Peas and corn (processed or raw) are also extremely useful in the diet. In addition to successfully combating plaque, they strengthen teeth well.

Step 2

Try brushing your teeth with baking soda at home to combat plaque. Apply a small amount of baking soda to your toothbrush and brush thoroughly any problem areas. This method brings about a whitening effect over time, but you must be careful not to damage your teeth and gums. Use baking soda no more than once a week.

Step 3

Contact your dentist if you have not succeeded in achieving whiteness at home. Various methods of professional plaque removal are known today. The most common of these is probably ultrasound. This technology helps to get rid of deposits in the oral cavity due to vibrations and vibrations of a certain frequency. The process is fast enough and completely painless. At the same time, the use of ultrasound has some medical contraindications, so consult your doctor first.

Step 4

Get your mouth cleaned with a special procedure called Air Flow. The doctor will apply a special mixture under pressure to the teeth, which includes water and abrasive substances. Air Flow can be used as a stand-alone or as an auxiliary procedure for ultrasonic cleaning of the oral cavity.

Step 5

Use an effective method of brushing your teeth, such as a laser, which is used to crush particularly stubborn deposits into small pieces. At the same time, a laser installation is a very expensive equipment, so this service is not available in every dental clinic.

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