Luxury Trend - Liquid Stone On Nails

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Luxury Trend - Liquid Stone On Nails
Luxury Trend - Liquid Stone On Nails

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Liquid stones on nails are one of the hottest trends in modern nail design. Liquid stone inlay technology allows you to turn your fingertips into real unique masterpieces. Such a manicure is suitable for special occasions, it can be applied to both natural and false nails.

Luxurious trend - liquid stone on nails
Luxurious trend - liquid stone on nails

Lovers of luxury have a great opportunity to decorate their nails with precious stones. To do this, it is not at all necessary to stick bulky rhinestones on the nails, which weigh down graceful ladies' fingers. It is enough to use the technique of liquid stones - the author's development of the stylist Ekaterina Miroshnichenko.

What are "liquid stones" on the nails

The technique of liquid stones allows you to imitate the inlay of nails with natural stones: pearls, malachite, amber, turquoise, emeralds, sapphires, rubies. They were called "liquid" because the master of the nail service independently forms them from liquid gel, and does not use ready-made stones, pearls or rhinestones. The technique is suitable for decorating natural nails coated with gel polish, as well as artificial gel or acrylic nails. By mixing stained glass gels, a master can recreate any gem, with all its tints and play of light. This technique looks especially sophisticated in combination with the casting technique, which makes the manicure especially effective.

How liquid stones are applied to nails

First, a layer of colored gel is applied to the place of the future stone, which is sent for 15 seconds under a UV lamp to fix it. On top of the first layer, a special liquid polymer is applied, which is also sent to dry under a UV lamp for 15 seconds. Next, a thick layer of a thick topcoat (sculptural gel) is applied to the liquid nail stones, which creates a magnifying glass effect and gives the stone a natural convex shape. The sculpting gel is also cured under a UV lamp for 15 seconds. At the last stage, a single-phase gel is applied to the surface of the stone. After polymerization of the single phase gel, the stylish design is ready.

Liquid stones complement well the various types of extensions that are already loved by modern women of fashion, such as stiletto, pipe, gothic almonds. The master can create on the tips of women's fingers unique ensembles of stones, resembling graceful pendants or rich necklaces in shape, frame them with small rhinestones or imitation brocade.

Advantages and disadvantages of liquid stones on the nails

Liquid stone on nails is a real find for lovers of royal manicure. Despite their artificial origin, such jewelry is not inferior in beauty to real natural jewelry. They look very expensive, fascinate with their beauty, attract the attention of men and cause the envy of the fair sex.

The only downside to this luxurious nail design is the high cost. The technique of liquid stones is only making its way on the market; not all nail service masters have mastered it, although the master's training takes only one day. At home, without the appropriate materials and a UV lamp for gel polymerization, it is impossible to perform such a nail art manicure.

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