What Vitamins Are Needed For Hair And Nails

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What Vitamins Are Needed For Hair And Nails
What Vitamins Are Needed For Hair And Nails

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Lack of vitamins immediately affects the condition of hair and nails. For nails to be strong, and curls to be shiny and thick, it is necessary to diversify the diet by adding useful substances important to health. These are, first of all, vitamins A, E, C and B vitamins.

What vitamins are needed for hair and nails
What vitamins are needed for hair and nails

To maintain the beauty of hair and nails, do not forget about proper care for your appearance, the use of high-quality cosmetics and a balanced diet. It is not easy for a modern person to make his diet as useful as possible by including meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. Therefore, in case of insufficient intake of valuable substances in the body or their poor absorption from food, vitamins and minerals must be taken from multivitamin complexes.

Beneficial substances for nails and hair

The health of hair and nails directly depends on the presence in the body of vitamin A, or retinol. With its deficiency, the nail plate begins to exfoliate, becomes brittle, like hair. Deficiency of vitamin A can be expressed in thinning hair, the presence of split ends. The daily intake of retinol for an adult is 1 mg. You can get this amount of vitamin A from food, for example, from carrots, liver, spinach.

Vitamin E, or tocopherol, is no less important for the condition of hair and nails. This element slows down the aging process of cells, protects curls and nail plates from the negative effects of the environment. Vitamin E nourishes hair, restoring its shine, normalizes blood circulation and makes nails strong. Various types of vegetable oils are rich in tocopherol, a lot of it in butter. The intake of vitamin E per day is 10 mg.

Ascorbic acid helps to improve, strengthen hair and nails. With a lack of vitamin C, the hair begins to thin, and the nails become brittle, dull. Ascorbic acid normalizes the condition of the hair follicles, so the hair begins to grow faster. The daily requirement of the human body for this vitamin is 90 mg. Especially there is a lot of ascorbic acid in citrus fruits, herbs, rose hips, Brussels sprouts.

B vitamins and condition of hair, nails

Nails and hair will not be well-groomed if they are deprived of vitamins of group B. These important substances restore the functioning of cells. First of all, you need to take care of the intake of vitamin B3 in the body. It determines the condition of the hair, if the substance is not enough, the person is faced with early graying, dry hair, hair loss. The vitamin can be found in various foods such as broccoli, parsley, tomatoes, and cheese.

If the diet is low in vitamin B6, the nails begin to suffer. Pyridoxine is included in walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts. In addition to pyridoxine, vitamin B5 will give strength to hair and nails. It makes hair lush and nails strong. Pantothenic acid is found in fish, eggs, meat, nuts.

The list of substances that are essential for shining hair and healthy nails goes on. So, the appearance of a person will be influenced by minerals - calcium, magnesium, silicon, iron, zinc and others. Therefore, in case of hair loss, dull nails, it is best to take multivitamin complexes, and not certain vitamins. You can add valuable substances to masks, baths for hair, nails in liquid form by purchasing vitamin E, A and others in ampoules at the pharmacy.

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