How To Pierce Your Nose

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How To Pierce Your Nose
How To Pierce Your Nose

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Piercing is very popular among young people. It has become fashionable for a long time and has firmly established its position. More and more guys and girls decide to pierce not only the ears, but also the navel or nose. Often there are mature ladies with an earring in their nose.

Nose piercing
Nose piercing


Step 1

If you are all brave enough to pierce your nose, then you need to take care of the earring. Remember that the earring must be made of medical steel, this will allow the puncture to heal sooner. The shape of the earring is not so important, it all depends on your desire. You can choose any earring, stud or ring.

Step 2

Go to a specialized salon. It is advisable to know the reputation of this salon, the better it is, the less problems there will be during the procedure. It is better to consult a professional, he will do the whole procedure quickly and painlessly, and also save you from the risk of infection.

Step 3

The healing period is quite painful. Wipe the puncture site with an antiseptic every four hours to reduce inflammation. After the piercing channel has healed, you can insert a gold earring. Do not pierce your nose at home, as there is a high chance of infection.

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