How To Get Rid Of Cuticles

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How To Get Rid Of Cuticles
How To Get Rid Of Cuticles

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The cuticle is a leathery roller, the task of which is to protect the growth zone of the nail from foreign bodies and bacteria. The cuticle edges are dead cells that dry out and flake off. As a result, burrs are formed. The presence of burrs makes the nails look ugly and painful. In this regard, the cuticle is usually removed.

How to get rid of cuticles
How to get rid of cuticles

It is necessary

alkali, acid, fruit acids, products with useful ingredients


Step 1

There are many ways to remove cuticles. The most effective are cosmetics containing elements that dissolve keratinized tissues. Despite the fact that such means are usually used in salons, you can try to use it at home.

Step 2

Apply the product to your fingers. Moreover, it can be applied simultaneously only on three fingers. Let sit for about five minutes and wash off with soap and water. Do not allow it to be completely absorbed, otherwise you risk getting a chemical burn.

Step 3

Acid is also used to remove the cuticle. This gel-like curdled consistency is used not only to eliminate cuticles, but also to remove keratinized skin on the legs. The tool is effective, but it is better not to use it yourself.

Step 4

Fruit acids are an absolutely safe and effective cuticle remover. They can be applied daily if necessary. In addition, fruit acids are excellent for exfoliating the skin.

Step 5

Apply the product to the cuticle, hold for about seven minutes and rinse with warm water. For severely ingrown cuticles, apply the product every day. It will be possible to reduce the application to once a week when the cuticle returns to normal.

Step 6

Cuticle growth can be slowed down with the help of special products, which include vitamins A, E, C, wheat germ and aloe. The funds come on sale in the form of creams, oils, pencils. These drugs will not be able to solve the problem of an ingrown cuticle - they will only prevent it. The cuticle under their influence becomes elastic and soft. As a result, it does not overgrow and does not give burrs.

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