How To Prick Your Lip

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How To Prick Your Lip
How To Prick Your Lip

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Lip piercings have been widely used since ancient times. But if in the early stages of history he was a kind of symbol, then for modern man it has become an adornment. Many people think that it is safe, and you can prick your lip yourself. But this is far from the case; great care and attention is required.

How to prick your lip
How to prick your lip


Step 1

Prepare the necessary materials in advance for the piercing operation. You will need gloves, titanium or plastic labels or rings, a new needle with a diameter of at least a millimeter or a catheter, as well as hydrogen peroxide and cotton wool for disinfection.

Step 2

Wash your hands thoroughly, prepare your work area, and put on new gloves.

Step 3

Piercing can be done around the entire perimeter of the lips. Having decided on the location, carefully examine the inside of the lip. To do this, pull it slightly and find the area where the least blood vessels are visible. Damage to them during piercing operations should be avoided.

Step 4

Apply hydrogen peroxide to the inside of the skin where you intend to prick your lip. Also disinfect the needle thoroughly.

Step 5

Puncture with a quick motion. Then remove the needle and immediately put on the previously disinfected pier. It should not be removed for at least a week. Remember to treat the puncture with hydrogen peroxide daily.

Step 6

During the healing period of the puncture, it is strictly not recommended to drink alcohol or smoke. Also limit yourself from spicy and salty foods. All this is an irritant to the wound.

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