How To Get Rid Of The Hump

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How To Get Rid Of The Hump
How To Get Rid Of The Hump

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A hump on the nose can sometimes look quite natural and even decorate its owner. However, this statement is not true for everyone, since some are stressed just by looking at the hump. For them, the only way out is aesthetic surgery.

How to get rid of the hump
How to get rid of the hump


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An operation such as rhinoplasty will help you get rid of a hump on your nose. Today, it is considered quite common and has been translated into the category of everyday and safest operations. If there is a desire, you can not only correct the hump, but also change the shape of the nose, its length, reduce or increase its size, as well as remove congenital and acquired defects. However, there are some restrictions on the operation (it is not necessary, for example, to do it at a too young age and after forty years). The thing is that until about 18-19 years of age, all tissues are still in the growth stage, and after forty, the elasticity of the skin deteriorates, which can adversely affect the recovery process.

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Rhinoplasty has other contraindications: diseases of the liver, cardiovascular system, kidneys, diabetes mellitus, bleeding disorders, a tendency to form keloid scars, and much more. Therefore, before you decide on this operation, consult a specialist. He will plan all stages of the operation, pre- and postoperative examination, carry out computer modeling, which will clearly show you the possible outcome of the operation and help you choose the most suitable shape of the nose.

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In addition, before the operation, you will have to pass some tests, go to an appointment with a therapist and anesthesiologist. You may also need a visit to an ENT doctor, computed tomography, X-ray of the sinuses and rhinomanometry (this is a procedure for examining nasal breathing).

Step 4

In order for the nose to take the correct shape after the operation and not restore the previous one, you will need to wear a special bandage for the first 8-10 days. You will most likely have to spend the first postoperative day in the clinic under the supervision of doctors. For the first month (and some time later), physical activity should be avoided.

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