How To Get Lip Pierced

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How To Get Lip Pierced
How To Get Lip Pierced

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Piercing is the piercing of various parts of the body with piercings (earrings) made of titanium and surgical steel (the most common piercing of the ears, eyebrows, lips and tongue). Subsequently, jewelry made of silver and gold can be inserted, but not made of copper, nickel and other oxidizing metals. Today, piercing is done mainly to decorate and highlight your personality from the mass of people.

How to get lip pierced
How to get lip pierced

It is necessary

  • - surgical marker
  • - piercing needle (15G - 1, 4 mm; 18G - 1 mm)
  • - cotton swabs
  • - solution of betadine or miramistin
  • - stretching to increase punctures
  • - clamps and spacers for rings
  • - ball holder
  • - earring
  • - tweezers


Step 1

First of all, prepare all piercing tools: piercing needle, ring spreaders and clips, tweezers, stretcher to enlarge the puncture and ball holder - thoroughly disinfect. To avoid the risk of introducing any infection into the open wound, wear sterile surgical gloves on your hands.

Step 2

Mark the desired needle entry point with a special surgical marker. There are different types of lip piercings: horizontal piercing - when a piercing is performed along the lip line, most often the lower one. In this type of piercing, it is best to use jewelry made of elastic materials such as Teflon, bioplast. The disadvantage of this type of puncture is the impossibility of a vivid manifestation of emotions: freely frown or smile. Vertical piercing - when a puncture is performed perpendicular to the lip, at an angle of 90 ° (traditional method), or strictly vertical - the puncture passes through the lower lip. Vertical lip piercing is the least dangerous for the teeth - the piercing is made with the expectation that the decoration: a banana bar, ring or labret could not touch the tooth enamel.

Step 3

Then, with a cotton swab, previously moistened with a solution of betadine or miramistin, disinfect the piercing area (puncture site).

Step 4

Pass the needle quickly and almost painlessly through the marked puncture point. Withdraw the needle and leave the catheter. Then insert the jewelry into the catheter and pull it through the puncture. The entire puncture procedure will only take you one or two minutes.

Step 5

Usually, the puncture heals completely within 1, 5-2 months, the infection rarely develops. On the second day after the puncture, the lip may swell, but the swelling will subside after seven days. Therefore, you first need to use a long stud, which will need to be replaced after the tumor has subsided with a shorter one.

Step 6

After you have pierced your lip, remember to take care of the piercing. Every day, rinse your mouth with an antiseptic solution (for example, 3% hydrogen peroxide solution previously diluted with 50% water) 3-5 times until the wound heals. Apply compresses for three minutes with Miramistin solution, applying tampons to the outside and inside of the puncture.

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