Means And Ways To Get Rid Of A Hump On The Nose

Means And Ways To Get Rid Of A Hump On The Nose
Means And Ways To Get Rid Of A Hump On The Nose

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A hump on the nose can be a feature of the structure of the nose or the result of an injury. In rare cases, the change in the shape of the nose occurs due to wearing glasses with too heavy frames. The method for correcting the shape of the nose largely depends on the size of the hump and the reasons for its appearance.

Means and ways to get rid of a hump on the nose
Means and ways to get rid of a hump on the nose

The implementation of special exercises is based on the effect on the cartilage, which is much more elastic than the rest of the bones of the body. For comparison, we can give an example with a pulled out tooth, after its removal, the rest of the teeth are slightly displaced, which means that the effect on the cartilage and the application of pressure will also be effective.

You can perform the exercise at any convenient time. Heat the handkerchief with an iron and apply it to the crook of the nose for 2-3 minutes, iron the handkerchief again as it cools. Press with your middle finger on the hump and hold your finger in this position for 30 seconds. Try to keep the applied pressure even. Over time, loosen your arm and repeat the procedure. The total number of approaches is 6 times. You should not feel discomfort or pain while pressing. This correction method is suitable for those whose hump is not too pronounced.

Corrective exercises after the disappearance of the hump should be performed as a preventive measure.

Another exercise was developed by the author of facial gymnastics Carol Maggio. Pull in your stomach, tighten the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. Grab the bridge of the nose in the area of ​​the hump with your index and thumb and press down. Place the index finger of the other hand near the tip of the nose so that it is in the opposite direction of the defect. Lower your lower lip down for 2-3 seconds and relax. Repeat the exercise 40 times.

Only rhinoplasty will help to get rid of significant defects of the nose, during which not only the hump is removed, but also the back of the nose is narrowed. An aesthetic and practical function is assigned to the operation to get rid of the hump, which appeared as a result of trauma, the latter is aimed at resuming normal breathing.

The question of the expediency of rhinoplasty is not raised until the patient reaches 18 years of age. This is due to the incompleteness of the process of cartilage and bone formation. Contraindications include blood clotting disorders, diabetes mellitus and a number of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. A plastic surgeon removes elements of cartilage tissue, cuts off excess bone. The new shape of the nose is fixed in the desired position using a plaster cast, thanks to which not only fixation is carried out, but also the spread of puffiness is prevented.

An assessment of the effectiveness of the procedure performed can be given 10 days after the plaster cast is removed. Finally, the nose takes a new shape only after six months.

Brushes and concealer will be the tools for those who want to hide their hump with the help of makeup secrets. Apply a dark concealer or powder directly to the hump of the nose. Blend the resulting dark spot thoroughly to make it look natural. It is not worth highlighting the area around the hump, since your efforts will give the opposite effect - the defect will become more noticeable.

Correctly chosen hairstyle plays a significant role in the issues of correction. Give preference to voluminous options.

In makeup, focus on the lower part of the face, it can be bright lipstick or lip gloss of an interesting color with a lot of shimmer.

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