What Are The Ways To Pierce The Ears

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What Are The Ways To Pierce The Ears
What Are The Ways To Pierce The Ears

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Ear piercing has been known since ancient times. The peoples of Asia and Africa considered this process a tradition. They had a whole ritual of piercing their ears. Doctors use proven and safe methods to perform this procedure.

Ear piercing method
Ear piercing method


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If you go deeper into history, it should be said that the social status of a person was determined by the number of earrings in the ears. This factor also spoke of victories on the love front and in wars. For male sailors, there was a whole ritual of ear piercing. A properly made puncture could improve vision, which was very important for a person connected with the sea. If the ship was wrecked, the earring was used as payment for the seaman's burial. For women, the earring had a deeper meaning. She indicated readiness for family life and puberty. In ancient times, it was believed that an earring in a pregnant woman's ear would scare off spirits trying to move into an unborn person.

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Nowadays, ear piercing is no longer a tradition, but a fashion. Girls want to get their ears pierced, jealous of their girlfriends who already have earrings. Boys, on the other hand, want to look cooler and stand out in this way. Some parents themselves express a desire to pierce the ears of their children and spend a considerable amount on the purchase of children's earrings. However, they do not go into details about the methods of piercing and the negative impact of this procedure on the health of the child.

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Earlier, ear piercing was carried out with a pin or needle treated with alcohol, today specialists use more civilized methods. Those who want to get their ears pierced can buy a special set for this, which is sold in almost every pharmacy. These devices are sterile packaged, which gives the chance for a more hygienic piercing.

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In beauty salons, ears are pierced in a faster and more painless way. To do this, they use a special pistol, which, when the trigger is pulled, makes not only a hole in the ear, but also leaves an earring in it. The disadvantage of this method is that one gun is used several times.

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It should be said about the age at which the ear piercing procedure is the safest. There is no definite answer to this, since doctors constantly argue about this issue. Some experts are of the opinion that ear piercing is best done in infancy. This is explained by the fact that the baby does not feel pain, which allows the puncture to heal faster. Others say that such a procedure is contraindicated until the age of three.

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There is one more opinion on this score. Doctors say that after 12 years of age, piercing the ears is generally not recommended, since at this age many points are formed in the lobe that are responsible for the work of vital organs.

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