How To Get Pierced

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How To Get Pierced
How To Get Pierced

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Initially, piercing was a symbol of a certain caste, it was used in rituals. At the beginning of the 21st century, piercing was a means of outrageousness. Now you won't surprise anyone with metal on the body, everyone perceives it as an adornment. How are these body modifications done?

How to get pierced
How to get pierced

It is necessary

Piercing needles (hollow inside), disinfectants, piercing pliers, sterile surgical gloves, piercing jewelry


Step 1

Disinfect your jewelry. Regardless of its material (medical steel, gold, silver, titanium, acrylic, silicone), it requires absolute sterility. At home, this can be done by boiling a metal product. You can also place the piercing in a solution of hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine for 10 minutes. This method is suitable for soft materials such as acrylic.

Step 2

Decide where you want to get your piercing. If you are piercing your ear, illuminate the surface of the ear and find a spot that capillaries do not pass through. If you pierce your nose, inhale the air with all your might. Small "dimples" should form in the middle of the nostrils, the center of which is considered the ideal place for piercing the nose. Pull it away from the eye before piercing the eyebrow. Make sure that the puncture does not affect a large area of ​​the skin: this way the eyelid may be "stretched" over the jewelry. At the same time, if you grab too little skin, the piercing will be ugly. While piercing the navel, also try to pull the skin and choose the ideal proportions for the piercing. If you want to pierce the tongue, carefully examine the blood capillaries on both sides of the organ. Do not in any way pierce them, it will be extremely difficult to stop the blood! Also, make sure not to touch the "frenum" of the tongue, this can affect articulation.

Step 3

Mark the puncture site with a marker. The piercers in the salons use special, skin-friendly, felt-tip pens.

Step 4

Disinfect the skin around the puncture.

Step 5

Put on sterile gloves.

Step 6

Take your piercing pliers. Grasp the skin for the puncture with them so that the holes in the forceps are exactly at the intended puncture points. Squeeze and pull the skin firmly.

Step 7

Take a new needle out of the package. Pierce the skin very quickly, placing the tip of the needle at the intended puncture point. The needle will go through the forceps.

Step 8

When the needle is inserted into the puncture, the forceps can be removed. Insert the barbell into the hollow space of the needle, pass it through the puncture and pull out the needle. This movement is done almost instantly, so it is painless.

Step 9

After you have inserted the main part of the jewelry into the puncture, secure it by twisting balls or closing the clasps.

Step 10

If you get your piercing done correctly, you will have virtually no blood. If you experience severe pain or cannot stop the bleeding, see your doctor immediately.

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