Black And White Tattoos

Black And White Tattoos
Black And White Tattoos

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Today, probably every second representative of the weaker sex would agree to get a tattoo. After all, this is fashionable, uncommon and, most importantly, a unique opportunity to express your originality. Experience shows that all those who decide to decorate their bodies in this way are concerned about one question: to make a tattoo in color or monochrome. Indeed, the choice is very serious and tricky, because getting rid of a pattern you don't like is much harder than applying it. That is why it is necessary to weigh everything in advance and scrupulously.

Black and white tattoos
Black and white tattoos

Black and white tattoos have numerous benefits. Their main advantage over colored ones, of course, lies in the price. A monochrome tattoo may indeed be cheaper, however, this does not mean at all that it will be tasteless and unattractive in appearance.

There are tattoos that simply cannot be done in color. Ethnic tattoos are clear proof of this. If you apply them with colored paints, the drawing will lose all its essence. Any master can tell you about this.

Black and white tattoos are more durable and last much longer on the body than their colorful counterpart. Colored tattoos fade faster, therefore, black and white drawing does not need to be corrected too often. This is another important argument in favor of monochrome tattoos.

Each drawing can be reproduced in black and white colors, and lack of color cannot upset the whole picture. After all, in the end, black and white photographs have always been popular and remain popular today.

It is worth noting that it is the above ethnic tattoos that look the most attractive in black and white paints. It doesn't matter if they are big or small. For a large number of people, such tattoos even become talismans and bring help in life. Among female tattoos, the most popular are hieroglyphs, runes, inscriptions, mandala. Pictures in the form of monochrome colors look peculiar and excellent. Made by a real specialist in this business, they can produce a much greater effect than colored bouquets.

Men prefer to adorn their bodies with more massive and brutal tattoos with movie scenes, scenes of various hostilities or drawings of wild animals.

The most successful location for a monochrome tattoo is the shoulder. But, as a rule, black and white tattoos look great on absolutely any part of the body.

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