How To Remove Scars With Folk Remedies

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How To Remove Scars With Folk Remedies
How To Remove Scars With Folk Remedies

The appearance of scars can be a huge problem for a person and even lead to the development of depression. You can get rid of them not only by surgery. In folk medicine, there are many effective recipes that allow you to painlessly remove shallow scars.

How to remove scars with folk remedies
How to remove scars with folk remedies

It is necessary

  • To prepare a decoction of herbs:
  • - 1 tsp St. John's wort herbs;
  • - 1 tsp yarrow herbs;
  • - 1h l. calendula flowers;
  • - 1h l. chamomile flowers
  • - 1 tsp nettle leaves;
  • - 0.5 liters of boiling water.
  • For marshmallow root tincture:
  • - 1 tbsp. l. marshmallow root;
  • - 1 glass of chilled boiled water.
  • For beeswax ointment:
  • - 400 g of sunflower, sea buckthorn or corn oil;
  • - 100-120 g of beeswax.


Step 1

A decoction of medicinal herbs helps to remove scars on the skin. To prepare it, take in equal proportions the herb St. John's wort, the herb of yarrow, calendula flowers, chamomile flowers and nettle leaves. Mix all the ingredients, then 2 tbsp. l. pour boiling water over the prepared mixture. Let the broth steep in a water bath for 10 minutes. After that, cover it with a warm towel and leave for about an hour. Take a tissue napkin of the required size, moisten it in the pre-strained broth, wring it out and apply to the scar. Cover the fabric with plastic and secure the compress with a warm cloth. Keep it for at least 3 hours. To achieve a pronounced result, this procedure must be carried out daily for 2 months.

Step 2

You can make a scar on your body less noticeable or even completely remove it with the help of a tincture of marshmallow root, which has a decongestant, anti-inflammatory and absorbent effect. It is not difficult to prepare it: pour the marshmallow root bought in the pharmacy, taken in the required proportion, with cold boiled water. Leave the tincture on for 8 hours and then lubricate the scar with it 4-6 times a day for 1-2 months. If you do not have marshmallow root, then you can use mint leaves, which will also be effective in this case. To prepare a remedy from mint, its leaves should be taken in the same amount as the marshmallow root.

Step 3

Another equally effective traditional medicine will help you get rid of scars on the skin - beeswax ointment. Take sunflower, sea buckthorn or corn oil, heat it in a water bath and, without removing from the heat, add beeswax to it. Stir the mixture thoroughly and heat it in a water bath for another 10 minutes. Then remove the prepared ointment from the heat and, after cooling, apply it on the scars every morning and evening. You will notice the effectiveness of this procedure in about 1-2 months.

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