How To Fix A Nose

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How To Fix A Nose
How To Fix A Nose

Video: How To Fix A Nose

Video: How To Fix A Nose
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Rhinoplasty is a form of surgery that can be used to shape the nose to the desired shape. Statistically, rhinoplasty is the most popular form of facial correction in plastic surgery. With its help, humps are smoothed, the size of the nostrils is reduced, as well as the overall size of the nose. With the problem of nose enlargement, surgeons are treated much less often.

How to fix a nose
How to fix a nose

It is necessary

good plastic surgeon


Step 1

Before going under the surgeon's knife, decide how much you need this intervention. Despite the seeming simplicity, rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult operations. Indications for enlargement can be both aesthetic and medical. For example: physical injuries, consequences of accidents and accidents, birth defects, inflammatory processes of soft tissues, traces of unsuccessful operations on the nasal septum, aesthetic wishes.

Step 2

Contraindications for rhinoplasty.

The most important and serious contraindication is age. The operation cannot be carried out until the age of 16. And it is best to refrain from surgery until the age of 20 - it is by this age that nasal cartilage ceases to grow.

Also, contraindications include chronic, infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract, diabetes mellitus, oncology and poor blood clotting.

Step 3

Start by consulting a surgeon. Select the desired shape of the nose, discuss with the specialist all the details of the upcoming operation.

Step 4

Take an x-ray of your nose and get it tested.

Step 5

Start taking medications that strengthen your blood vessels. If you have previously taken drugs that affect blood clotting, stop taking them.

Step 6

Then the operation itself is carried out directly. Rhinoplasty to increase the size of the nose can be performed open and closed - an incision can be made on the septum between the nostrils or inside them.

Step 7

During the operation, a special frame is "inserted" under the skin of the nose, with the help of which the bridge of the nose rises and increases in size. To do this, use both organic materials - cartilage or bone, and artificial materials that are safe for the body. It is preferable to use materials from the patient's own tissues for the framework.

Step 8

The operation, depending on the complexity, can take up to two hours. It is performed under general anesthesia plus special local anesthesia.