Intimate Piercing: Pros And Cons

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Intimate Piercing: Pros And Cons
Intimate Piercing: Pros And Cons

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Intimate piercing is the procedure for piercing and inserting jewelry into the intimate area of ​​a person: genitals, chest, tongue. The procedure should only be performed by a qualified specialist with sterile instruments. For jewelry, items made of surgical steel, gold, silver are recommended.

intimate piercing
intimate piercing

An intimate piercing is different from piercing elsewhere in purpose. Many pierce erogenous and intimate places in order to obtain the most acute and vivid sensations from sexual contact, rather than for decoration. Intimate piercings have their pros and cons.


Intimate piercing in women is not as diverse as in men, but it is safer for health. For example, a puncture of the clitoris or the skin above it gives special sensitivity. The female body secretes a special secret that helps to avoid various infections that may accompany piercings. And the sensitivity is really increasing. That is, the main advantage of female intimate piercing is high sensitivity and vivid sensations during clitoral stimulation.

The advantage of male piercing is, on the contrary, a decrease in sensitivity in the genitals, which significantly increases the time of intercourse. In addition, male intimate piercings are more diverse than female ones. They pierce not only the head of the penis, but also some other places. For example, testicles or frenulum. Sometimes piercings are made in the perineum, which significantly increases the sensitivity in this place, but does not affect the time of intercourse.

The advantage of nipple piercing for both men and women is increased sensitivity. Rings, barbells, earrings inserted into the nipples allow you to keep them in a tense state almost always, and, therefore, to be more sensitive to touch.

Tongue piercing is also referred to as an intimate piercing. He has one merit - an unusual appearance. If the language is part of an erotic game or foreplay, then the pluses include the unusual sensations that the partner experiences.


All the existing advantages of intimate piercing are reduced to one thing - additional erotic pleasure. But the disadvantages of this method of experiencing special emotions are enough:

1. With an unprofessional puncture of the intimate area, there is a risk of generally losing sensitivity in this place. If the needle touches at least one of the nerves, which are enough in erogenous places, then it will be destroyed. Sensitivity can be lost forever.

2. In men, a puncture of the genitals can be accompanied by various kinds of infections. In addition, during intercourse, there is a risk of injury to the skin of the jewelry. The skin can even rupture at the puncture site.

3. With improper piercing care, there is a risk of serious complications from minor and easily curable infections to serious blood diseases.

Contraindications to piercing

Persons suffering from alcohol or drug addiction are highly discouraged from piercing anywhere, not only intimate. There is a risk during an exacerbation to cause significant harm to yourself.

Piercing is strictly contraindicated for those who have even minor diseases of the circulatory system (be it anemia or varicose veins). It is not recommended for diabetics to get pierced, as well as those who have chronic skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, furunculosis).

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