How To Lift Your Cheeks

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How To Lift Your Cheeks
How To Lift Your Cheeks

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With age, the cheeks lose their firmness and sag. This, undoubtedly, upsets both women and men - after all, I really want to look beautiful and young. How to lift your cheeks and tone them up? There are very simple and effective exercises for this.

How to lift your cheeks
How to lift your cheeks

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Step 1

Sit up straight and imagine that there is a small dot in the middle of your upper lip. Imagine the second point on the lower lip, in the center. Open your mouth and stretch these points up and down. Make sure your mouth forms an oval. Try to hold it by pressing your upper lip against your teeth and placing your index fingers on your cheeks.

Step 2

Smile with the corners of your mouth, trying to feel the movement of your cheeks. Avoid jaw pain. Do not work with your jaw, but with your upper lip tightly pressed against your teeth.

Step 3

Tighten your cheek muscles, trying to pull up the corners of your lips upward. Make sure that your forehead does not wrinkle.

Step 4

Press your fingers on the skin a couple of centimeters from your ears and stretch your lips strongly. After that, relax your face and smile. Puff out your cheeks a few times and then release the air.

Step 5

Place your chin on your fists and try to lift it. That is, strive to raise your head with your fists, while the chin must resist this action.

Step 6

Roll the air in your mouth as if massaging your cheeks from the inside. Then replace the air with your tongue while massaging your teeth and gums.

Step 7

Squint, trying to engage only the lower eyelids, look up. Lift your cheeks to achieve a smile with your upper lip.

Step 8

Lie on your back, open your mouth so that you get an oval. Place your index fingers on the top of your cheeks. Smile using only the corners of your mouth.

Step 9

While lying down, lift your head slightly, engaging your neck muscles in the front. Tighten your gluteal muscles at the same time. After that, fold your lips with a tube and exhale the air, achieving relaxation of the muscles of the face and neck.

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