How To Turn Into A Beauty

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How To Turn Into A Beauty
How To Turn Into A Beauty

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Video: How To Turn Into A Beauty
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How often can you hear from a variety of women completely the same type of statements like: “Oh, if I were a little taller, lighter by five to ten kilograms … If my chest was a couple of sizes larger, and my legs were 10 centimeters longer, I would considered a beauty and would be much happier. But is it really so? Can an additional 10 centimeters of leg length or the elimination of a couple of kilograms really make a beauty out of a dunce? Is it possible to turn into a beauty at will?

How to turn into a beauty
How to turn into a beauty


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Life experience shows what is possible. However, the secret here lies not in the number of centimeters or kilograms, but primarily in self-awareness. Even the most perfect body proportions and impeccable facial features will not make a woman a beauty if she is constantly dissatisfied with herself, her appearance and the world around her. Therefore, the most important step that will have to be taken on the path to external perfection is the achievement of peace and harmony with oneself.

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If peace and confidence are reflected on your face, if a benevolent sincere smile constantly flickers on your lips, and your movements are natural and relaxed, then no one can call you not beautiful. Beauty is, first of all, harmony, including the harmony of inner content and outer form.

Step 3

Only after an inner balance has been achieved, the ability to look positively at the surrounding reality has been found, can one proceed to direct improvements in one's appearance. And again, in this regard, you need to rely on your own data, without looking back at generally accepted standards. Pamela Andersen's chest and Monica Bellucci's nose won't make you a beauty just because it's not yours. To turn into a beauty, you need to find and highlight your advantages, those that set you apart from other people.

Step 4

It is important to remember that for a woman's attractiveness, charm (charm) is much more important than the impeccability of body proportions. Charm is made up of the integrity and harmony of the image, the impression of general grooming and naturalness. Goodwill and openness to the world are of no small importance.

Step 5

A woman's well-groomed appearance is manifested not in expensive outfits or jewelry, but in the general neatness of clothes and hairstyles, the presence of fresh manicure, always clean hair. It should be borne in mind that even the most expensive and fashionable clothes can disfigure if they do not fit your image. Clothes should not stand out against the general background, they are just the frame of your beauty. And the best elegant dress is one in which you can see the woman herself, and not the dress.

Step 6

The same goes for makeup. Decorative cosmetics should only emphasize the natural attractiveness of the face, and not create a fashionable mask instead. Moreover, there is a rather tough, but very wise rule that the older a woman becomes, the more carefully and carefully she should approach the choice of her makeup, so as not to create a pathetic and vulgar image. The overall harmony of the image and the sense of proportion are the two pillars that will create a beautiful, attractive image for any woman.