Correction Of The Lip Shape With Makeup

Correction Of The Lip Shape With Makeup
Correction Of The Lip Shape With Makeup

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The mouth is an important part of the face, reflecting our personality. The mouth clearly expresses sensuality, mood and character, therefore, its correct and aesthetic makeup is of great importance. If the shape of the lips does not suit you in some way or even upsets you, you should not despair, the shortcomings can be easily corrected with the help of decorative cosmetics.

Correction of the lip shape with makeup
Correction of the lip shape with makeup

To solve the problem, we need tools - a contour pencil and a brush, as well as lipstick and gloss. And you also need to study your lip shape and decide what you want to emphasize in them, and what, on the contrary, to mask.

First of all, apply a foundation on the lips and lightly powder it. Then we proceed to the eyeliner. To more accurately and confidently draw a line, it is better to rest your elbow on the table. The lips should be relaxed - slightly closed, but not compressed. We begin to trace the lips along the edge along the natural line with small touches of a pencil or brush in the direction from the middle of the upper lip to the corners. To achieve a more rounded shape of the lips, we do not finish the line a little. We do the same with the lower lip.

If the lips are too full, you can visually reduce their size. To do this, powder the skin around the lips and draw a new outline below the natural line.

Accordingly, with too thin lips, draw a line slightly above the natural line. We use a pencil that is not too dark - it will visually increase the volume. On the contrary, choose a bright lipstick. Apply a small amount of gloss to the middle of the lips.

If the mouth is very small, draw its outline to the very corners. We use bright lipstick and do not regret the shine.

The drooping mouth gives the face a frustrated and tired look. We correct the situation by applying a foundation of a lighter tone to the corners than was used for the face. We draw a contour line so as to raise the corners of the upper lip, after which we pull the line of the lower lip to them. Apply the gloss only to the middle of the lower lip.

If the lips have different fullness, we correct them with eyeliner. For a fuller lip, we use a pencil and lipstick of a darker color, for a thin one - a lighter one. To make the lips visually more convex, we use several lipstick tones at once. At the edge of the lips and in the corners, we apply darker tones, in the middle - brighter and lighter. Apply the gloss in the center.

A cheerful expression gives the face a crescent-shaped mouth. This shape of the mouth does not need a strong correction, but if there is a desire to make it more serious, you can do the following. We bring the lower lip to the very corners. In case the upper lip is thinner, make the eyeliner line wider on it and apply a little gloss on it. Apply the gloss only in the center of the lower lip.

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