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Best Foundation: Reviews
Best Foundation: Reviews

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The prototype of the modern foundation appeared in ancient Egypt and Greece. The women set off their faces with grated chalk and crushed beans. Later, a Polish make-up artist invented a product that changed the tone of the face and applied a thin layer to the skin. Now no woman can do without a foundation.

Applying foundation
Applying foundation

The best foundation for even coverage

It is very difficult to make a choice among the variety of foundation on the cosmetic market today. You need to know the signs by which it is easy to determine the best foundation. Pay attention to the texture of the cream first. Is it heavy or light? Does it look like a thick cream or an airy emulsion? Keep in mind that the dense composition well masks such imperfections as redness, pimples, age spots. With it, you can easily remove circles under the eyes, as well as make the complexion even. A thick foundation usually creates a matte finish that lasts a very long time. However, one of the disadvantages of such a cream is the mask effect. A lightweight tonal emulsion also corrects minor imperfections, but at the same time it is much easier to blend on the skin. Therefore, with the help of it, you can make the complexion beautiful and monotonous. The advantage of a lightweight foundation is that it is almost invisible on the skin. The delicate and creamy texture of the foundation will not draw attention to problem areas on the face: peeling, unevenness, redness. On the contrary, such a texture will smooth them out. Manufacturers often add reflective particles to light tonal emulsions, which create a highlighting effect on the face. This should be borne in mind by young ladies with oily skin, who already have enough gloss on their face.

The best foundation has caring ingredients

Of course, the best foundation contains caring components. The cream can consist of up to 50% of mineralized water and therefore protect the skin from drying out. With such a cream, there is no feeling of tightness and discomfort, on the contrary, hydration is felt throughout the day. Some manufacturers add fruit extracts to the foundation formula. Thus, melon provides hydration, apricot gives radiance to the skin, apple promotes rejuvenation, and ginger has a tonic effect. Often absorbing components are found in the composition of creams: they eliminate oily sheen. If the foundation flows from the face in the heat, it means that it lacks exactly absorbent substances. Such a cream has to be constantly corrected. Vitamin E is a very popular caring component in foundation. As you know, it has excellent antioxidant properties, therefore it is indispensable for aging skin.

The best foundation - hypoallergenic

The manufacturers of the best foundation make sure to test them for safety. One of the most common culprits for allergies is fragrance. This is followed by various preservatives, lanolin, fats. The term "hypoallergenic" means that the amount of these substances is minimized. However, it should be remembered that even a safe foundation cannot be applied to a dirty or sweaty face, and even with unwashed hands. This can easily provoke an allergic reaction: the appearance of redness, small pimples, and so on. Also at the end of the day, rinse the foundation thoroughly to prevent clogged pores.

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